5 Best Wintec Saddle Reviews 2020: Choose Your Need

If you're someone who loves trail riding, especially riding on forest and bridle paths and picturesque trails, then comfort matters hugely. Of all the Western saddle types you can choose for trail riding, Wintec Saddles is one of the best brands. Founded in the year 1986, Wintec Saddles was the first company to produce and promote synthetic saddles.

All Wintec Saddle reviews emphasize selecting a saddle that perfectly fits you and makes your horse feel comfortable. You'll want to ensure that the different kinds of horse tack, including saddle, breastplate, stirrups, and reins, fit perfectly before going for a trail ride. You'll be putting both yourself and your horse at risk if your tack does not work correctly.

So it would help if you took your time in choosing a saddle that works for you as well as your steed. Every Wintec western saddle review will strongly recommend you purchase a product that suits you and your horse. Make sure you choose the right size saddle that is also durable and makes you and the stallion feel relaxed.

Why Choose Wintec Saddle?

If you want to connect with your horse and establish a lasting bond, then Wintec saddles are your best bet. Since the 1980s, Wintec has been crafting premium quality saddles that have epitomized calm and comfortable, and easy riding.

Saddlery Brands International (Wintec's parent company) has consistently ensured the perfect marriage of hi-tech materials and groundbreaking production technology to create easy-care, weatherproof, and lightweight saddles.

The company exploits HART (horse and rider technology) technique to the hilt for producing saddles that let your horse canter with comfort. At the same time, Wintec saddles go a long way in enabling you to saddle up steadily without compromising comfort.

The wide-ranging Wintec product line, besides offering avant-garde designs, also sets the benchmarks for fit, performance, and comfort for both the rider and horse.

Every saddle emerging out of the Wintec stable promotes better ride/rider performance due to its customized fit, protective cushioning, and ergonomic flex. If you want to extract the maximum out of your trail rides, you do not need to look beyond Wintec Saddles.

5 Best Wintec Saddle Reviews 2020

Checking out and comparing some of the best Wintec saddles will help you choose the best based on your specific needs and requirements. Let's look at some of their features and compare them based on their pros and cons.

#1) Wintec Western Saddle- Best Wintec Western Saddle Review

The Wintec Full Quarter Western Saddle is an extremely durable and lightweight saddle furnishing you good equipoise and extra security, thanks to its form-fitting and soft seat.

If you're looking for a robust, lightweight, and comfortable saddle that enables you to make the most of trail riding, then you don't have to look any farther. This full quarter western saddle by Wintec, despite being crafted from synthetic materials, appeals to your aesthete, thanks to its fenders and skirt that ooze a luxuriant leathery look.

The harness is fully weatherproof, so you can go deep into the woods or explore the scenic mountain trails, come rain or shine.

This Wide Western Trail Saddle with full quarter bars is highly sought-after for its customized fit, comfort, and unbeatable quality. Featuring an EZ-fold fenders system, square skirts swell, cantle, jockeys, and fenders, the full quarter comprises scratch-resistant Dura-Leather synthetic leather. Hence you'll find this Wintec western saddle not only convenient to clean but also very easy to maintain.

You can sit comfortably yet maintain a good grip, thanks to the cushioned microfiber polyurethane suede leather seat.


  • Stainless steel dees and conchos
  • Flexible stirrups
  • Fleece-lined skirt
  • Quick-change buckles
  • Cheyenne roll square-styled skirt


  • Heavy-duty Equileather fenders
  • Suitable for use all through the year in all weather conditions
  • Minimal maintenance: cleans easily with water and soap; no need for waxing or oiling
  • Lightweight: Easily manageable and keeps your stallion in good humor


  • Riders with short stature may have to struggle with managing the deep fenders

#2) Wintec Synthetic Western Saddle

The Synthetic Youth Western Saddle by Wintec Saddles is a robust and resilient saddle that has been exclusively designed for young riders with a small frame.

The Wintec Synthetic Youth Western Saddle, available in sizes 12 and 13, is perfectly suitable for youthful jockeys having a slim profile. Wintec's western saddle is aesthetically appealing, furnishes extra security, and hardly calls for any maintenance. The rounded skirt of this synthetic youth western saddle is lined with fleece, making it comfortable and accentuates its overall appeal.

The saddle's seat sports an Equi-suede lining- an artificial suede material that almost feels and looks like authentic natural leather. Designed and crafted with meticulous care, this Wintec youth western saddle is highly resistant to scratches and scrapes and withstand rough handling.

This western saddle comes in supremely handy for camp drafting, barrel racing, trail riding, team penning, gymkhana, and pleasure riding.


  • Blevins buckles
  • 2-inch stirrups
  • Equi-Suede seat
  • Rounded skirt lined with fleece
  • Crafted out of Dura-leather


  • High on aesthetics but low on maintenance: no need to wax or oil
  • Weatherproof saddle ideal for using in summer, spring, winter, and monsoon
  • Hardwearing Equileather fenders
  • Intricately machined Equisuede seat offers good grip without sacrificing comfortableness
  • 5-year limited warranty on the saddle tree


  • Many riders have reported that the saddle seat is a tad slippery

#3) Wintec Isabelle Dressage Saddle

Reinforced with the CAIR cushion system, the Wintec HART Isabelle Dressage Saddle, as its name suggests, has been specially designed for riders participating in the dressage-the highest level in equestrian sport.

The HART Isabelle Dressage Saddle shares its name with Isabelle Werth, World Dressage Champion, who contributed to its development. It'd be worth mentioning here that Isabelle continues to use the HART Isabelle Dressage Saddle for everyday practicing and partaking in dressage events.

The ultra-deep seat lets you saddle up with equipoise and maintain steady equilibrium by fine-tuning your perch by adjusting the stirrup bar, eventually boosting comfort.

The Isabelle dressage saddle's ergonomic design lets your legs find the sweet spot of perfect groove for establishing a connection with your horse. Your steed will warm up to the uber-soft panels that hug their muscles intimately but not tightly, thus facilitating full mobility for dressage competitions.


  • CAIR cushioning technology for a perfect fit
  • Ergonomic flex for unparalleled movement
  • Performance panel technology for enhanced rider performance
  • Separate sealed air cushion for each side panel


  • Easy change riser and gullet systems guarantee a precision fit for exceptional comfort
  • Adjustments thoroughly symmetrical, assessable, and reversible: you can never go wrong with the fit
  • Makes the most of HART technology, enabling the rider to excel in dressage training and contests
  • Allows the rider to communicate with his or her horse throughout


  • At 41 pounds, this western saddle is too heavy for comfort
  • Only one color to choose from

#4) Wintec Synthetic Barrel Saddle

The Wintec Synthetic Barrel Saddle has been crafted with meticulous care, keeping in mind the needs and preferences of barrel racers.

The Synthetic Barrel Saddle from Wintec sports an Equi-Suede embroidered seat with heavy foam padding. EZ fold fenders, rounded skirt, and Dura-leather seat are some of this saddle's versatile features that make it ideal for barrel racing.

Simultaneously, this synthetic barrel saddle also tends to be relatively lightweight that goes a long way in letting you maintain speed instead of getting bogged down.

This saddle's semi-quarter horse bars ensure that it'll sit comfortably and stably on stallions and mares of medium-size.   


  • Stainless steel hardware
  • EZ fold fenders
  • Dura-leather saddle seat
  • Five-inch cantle
  • Two-inches neck and three-inches horn


  • Weighing 22 pounds, this saddle is relatively lighter than most of the Wintec saddles
  • EZ fold fender system for a precision customized fit
  • 12" positional swell for better support and customized comfort
  • Saddle seat layered with rich suede and thick padding for added comfort


  • Available in just a single color

#5) Wintec Endurance Saddle

The Wintec Pro Endurance Saddle, like the HART Isabelle Dressage Saddle, is equipped with the CAIR cushion system and is ideal for extended trail riding.

The Pro Endurance Saddle with CAIR sports the cutting-edge FlexiControubloc ® for extra security and personalized support. The trail rider can maintain a good grip on his horse and a steady posture, thanks to the Rear Countroubloc®.

The adjustable and flexible Y-girthing mechanism gives the rider reasonable leeway to alter and adjust his position while embarking on a long trail ride passing through different terrains.


  • The flexible ergonomic stirrup bar for a balanced perch
  • Customized support & security Rear Controurblock Adjustable Egonomic Stirrup Bar
  • Adjustable Y-Girthing system Seat
  • Medium Gullet Plate CAIR panel cushion system


  • An extensive tree facilitates the distribution of weight over a larger area
  • Innovative FlexiControubloc ® technology for a personalized fit
  • CAIR cushion system allows more significant horse movement and hence better performance
  • Lightweight and easily maintainable


  • Available only in black color
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Buying Guide

You'll need to consider some crucial aspects while you're shopping for a Wintec Saddle or other western saddle brands. Every Wintec western saddle review will strongly recommend you purchase a product that suits you and your horse. Make sure you choose the right size saddle that is also durable and makes you and the stallion feel relaxed.

You can bet you'll able to zero in on your ideal saddle if you know what you're looking for. Pay attention to the following factors or aspects before you make up your mind once and for all:-

  • Construction

It does not bear emphasis that you'll always want to go for a product that lasts long enough to enable you to make suitable investments. While you compare and contrast the Wintec saddle range, indeed, check out the materials from which they have been made. The best saddles that you come across are by and large shaped out of genuine leather.

However, you'll also find a wide range of saddle brands and models that have been chiseled out of synthetic materials. Incidentally, Wintec saddles are produced from synthetic materials, and many equestrians have reported that they're far superior to leather saddles. Saddles from Wintec's house tend to be remarkably lightweight about their size, weatherproof, and incredibly durable.

  • Size

Opting for the saddle's correct size is the most critical factor that you should keep in mind. Perching on an ill-fitting seat every time you step out for a trail ride can be annoying or frustrating. The quality or the durability of a saddle will not make any difference if you don't select the appropriate size.

Make sure you take a measuring tape along with you while you go out to shop for a Wintec saddle. Before that, take measurements on your steed, starting from the scapulas (shoulder blades). Measure two inches from the back of the shoulder blades, going up to the withers, and ascertain that the measurements correspond with the steed's end.

  • purposes

Every saddle that you come across in the market is not created equal. In other words, there is a distinct saddle for almost every type of Western horseback riding style. So it follows there is a specific saddle for barrel racing, Western Pleasure, Reining, cutting, gymkhana, endurance, and trail riding. Wintec endurance saddle reviews can help you shortlist the best among the several products on offer.

In professional and competitive trail riding, the equestrian or jockey has to negotiate various obstacles that entail cantering through different terrains. You've to deftly control your horse for galloping over heaps of logs, small water puddles, and lock-gates. If you're passionate about extended trail rides, you should opt for a saddle that allows you to sit steadily and is heavily padded for providing comfort.

  • warranty

Like any other reputed saddle manufacturer, Wintec provides a warranty on its saddles that covers the entire product and its components. No matter whichever Wintec product you finally select, see that the same comes with a warranty.  


How do I determine the saddle size that'll be ideal for my horse and me?

Selecting the saddle's right size is crucial for getting the most out of your rides and keeping your horse comfortable and healthy. To check whether you have the saddle's correct size, place it on horseback without the paddle. Next, ensure that there is sufficient space between the saddle's gullet and wither's top so that you can put a couple of fingers comfortably.

Finally, check that there is at least a gap of four inches between the saddle's swell and your butt. Also, ensure that the saddle seat is positioned evenly on horseback.

What is the lifespan of a saddle?

Any Wintec saddle you buy should serve for nothing less than 15-18 years, provided you take good care of it.

Can I go swimming with my horse in my (Wintec) saddle?

Yes, you can go underwater with your horse in a Wintec saddle as all Wintec saddles are waterproof. Nevertheless, you should clean the saddle with soap and freshwater, significantly if you had gone swimming in brackish water.

Final Words

In this Wintec saddle reviews, we took a close look at five Wintec saddles and found that each product has been designed to fulfill a specific purpose. For instance, the synthetic barrel saddle is ideal for barrel racing, while the HART Isabelle dressage saddle is apt for dressage competitions. The synthetic youth western saddle, as the name indicates, is appropriate for young riders with a smallish frame.

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