What Saddles are Recommended for Jumping?

The discipline of horse jumping is thrilling, yet risky. One wrong move from horse or rider and both could come tumbling down, resulting in serious injuries. The right saddle for jumping is just as important for the horse as it is for the rider. Knowing how to choose a saddle for jumping will help new jumpers feel more confident as they begin to learn the ins and outs of this exciting sport. With this guide, you will learn the answer to what saddles are recommended for jumping, so you can make the perfect purchase.

How to Start the Search

Before you even begin searching for a jumping saddle, there are a few things you will need to consider. Keeping these in mind during your search will help you to avoid making a saddle purchase you later regret.

  • What is your budget?
  • What are the measurements of your horse?
  • What type of jump saddle will best support your horse and fit?
  • What flap length is needed?
  • How much support is needed for fence jumping?
  • What size jump saddle do you need?

Purchase the Right Size for You and Your Horse

First of all, the right fit is essential for both you and your horse. If the seat does not fit you correctly, you could fall and become injured during a jump. If the saddle does not fit your horse, they may become stressed and could miss a jump. An ill-fitting saddle could also slide, making jumping dangerous.

  • Measure for You

To take measurements for your seat, sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Make sure your legs are bent at a 45-degree angle. Measure from the hip bone to the knee. This is the size seat you need.

  • Measure for Your Horse

You will also need to measure for your horse. When purchasing any saddle, it is wise to measure for the withers. You can easily make a wither tracing. We have many how-to articles on this very subject.

  • Stability Is Critical

While jumping is thrilling, it can also be frightening, especially if your saddle is not securing you in place. The saddle should make you feel completely locked in place. You should not move from side to side when jumping, and your spine should remain straight.

Saddles for Jumping

What to Look for When Purchasing a Jumping Saddle?

The sport of jumping requires both the rider and horse to move as one. You must be balanced with your horse at every moment. The right saddle is an integral part of horse jumping. Modern-day show jumping saddles allow riders to remain as close as possible to their horses, for better control. Look for the following when purchasing a saddle for jumping.

  • Look for a saddle that is made from genuine leather. Cheap synthetics are typically more slippery and will prevent riders from staying in their seats.
  • Look for saddles that offer interchangeable components, so you can get a perfect fit for the height, width, and weight of your horse.
  • Pay careful attention to the flocking of the saddle. If the flocking does not offer enough cushion, you and your horse could experience trauma during a jump.
  • Pure wool stuffing is essential for your horse’s comfort. Synthetic stuffing could bunch up and become overly hard, creating painful pressure points and saddle sores for your horse.
  • The saddle must sit will on your horse to be able to overcome the immense pressure that is exerted when a horse jumps over a fence. Without the proper seating, a saddle could end up causing nerve damage to your horse.

It is wise to try a few different saddles before making a purchase. When jumping horses, the saddle is one of the most important pieces of tack. If your saddle is not secure, offers the wrong fit, or is made improperly, you and your horse could face serious injuries that prevent you from ever taking part in a jumping show again.

Take Time to Research

There are many saddle manufacturers on the market that offer precision for jumping horses. Some top names include Albion, Equipe Expression, Fairfax Spirit, and Kent and Masters.

Remember, it is important to carry out due research and learn as much as possible about each manufacturer and what their jumping saddles offer. Never make a rush purchase, or you could make a poor decision.


Jumping is exhilarating. There is nothing more exciting than being on the back of a beautiful steed as it perfectly clears a fence! Whether you are new to jumping or an old pro, the right saddle is essential.

Now, you know more about what saddles are recommended for jumping and are better equipped to make the perfect purchase for your needs. With the right saddle, you and your horse will move intuitively, and jumping will become like second-nature.

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