Thinline Saddle Pad Reviews 2021: Read for the Perfect Pad

Searching for the perfect saddle pad can sometimes seem like an overwhelming chore. There are so many brands and types on the market, and each horse has its own back shape and wither type. How then is it possible to find the perfect saddle pad? With this guide and our thinline saddle pad reviews, you will learn all the information necessary for making the perfect choice to protect your horse and keep them comfortable, even on the longest of trail rides. Once you finish reading this guide, your questions will be answered.

Why Choose Thinline Saddle Pads?

You undoubtedly have many options when it comes to saddle pads. Thinline Global is a company that focuses on both the comfort of the horse and its rider. They believe it is possible to bring comfort to both, and their line of saddle pads proves how dedicated they are to their work.

Each of Thinline’s saddle pads are meant to provide a perfect level of protection to your horse’s spine, while helping to absorb shock and prevent painful pressure points.

They offer a wide array of saddle pads, including those for riding bareback. Their therapeutic saddle pads help to warm your horse’s muscles and bring soothing relief from stiffness and pain.

No matter which Thinline saddle pad you purchase, you will find they will offer a precise fit, increased comfort, and a high level of protection. Learn more by reading our thinline western saddle pad reviews below.

Top 5 Best Thinline Saddle Pad Reviews 2020

The right saddle pad can make a huge difference in the comfort level of your horse. With these reviews, you will be able to choose the best Thinline saddle pads to meet your needs.

#1) Thinline Contoured Saddle Pad

If you have a horse that has problems with the saddle sliding to the side, then this Thinline saddle pad is for you. This contoured pad is ideal for all types of horse, but will be especially beneficial for round-backed horses that have trouble with saddle fitting.

This saddle pad can be used with other pads or blankets, but it needs to go directly under the saddle. If you are using another pad, make sure this contoured pad sits on top.

As the heat of your horse’s body penetrates the saddle pad, it will begin to warm up naturally and start to mold to the unique curvature of your horse’s spine. Because it flexible, it moves with your horse and will not cause pinching in the withers or spine.

This contoured pad shape offers a versatile fit for just about every saddle type. This saddle is available in two sizes: regular and large and two colors: black and white.


  • The contoured shape of this saddle pad helps it to conform to your horse’s back, no matter their back type.
  • This saddle pad helps to prevent your saddle from sliding sideways on your horse.
  • The special material warms up with your horse’s body heat, offering comfort and protection.
  • This saddle pad does not cause pinching in the withers or the spine.


  • Cannot be used under another saddle pad

#2) Thinline Black Western Saddle Pad Review

This saddle pad is for a squared skirt saddle. This saddle pad is made with cotton quilting, foam, felt, and hollow fill, which allows it to offer the ultimate level of comfort for horses.

With less material, this Thinline Western Saddle Pad offers more contact with the horse, allowing the horse and rider to ride as one. This is one of those saddle pads that helps to cushion both the horse and rider. Even on the longest of trail rides, both the horse and rider will feel a great level of comfort.

If you have a custom saddle, this thinner pad will probably fit perfectly, because it does not bunch up and cause problems with saddle fit. Once it is put under the saddle, it begins to conform to your horse’s back, offering superior shock absorption for you both.


  • This saddle pad is padded in every contact area, helping to keep your horse extremely comfortable on long rides.
  • The shock absorption extends to both horse and rider, offering protection against bumps along the way.
  • This saddle pad is perfect for Western saddles because of the squareness.
  • Once in place, this saddle pad will help to prevent saddle slippage.


  • No cons found

#3) Thinline Western Saddle Pad for Barrel Racing

If you are a barrel racer, Thinline has a saddle pad for you. This saddle pad is highly targeted to help you keep your horse comfortable, and it offers benefits to riders too.

Although this saddle pad offers the ultimate level of comfort, Thinline believes less is more when it comes to materials. Less material, means less bunching and closer contact with your horse, which is highly important during training and on the trail.

This saddle pad was made expressly with barrel racers in mind. Racers need to be sure their saddle will remain in place and will not slip around turns. Slippage could throw off the horse and prevent it from keeping its pace. It could also cause serious injuries.

With this Thinline Barrel Racer Saddle pad, the saddle is more likely to fit securely, so the rider does not have to worry about the saddle slipping around and causing discomfort or danger.


  • This saddle pad is made of premium materials, offering a luxurious feel of comfort for both horse and rider.
  • With this saddle pad in place, barrel racers will not have to worry about saddle slippage on turns.
  • This Thinline saddle pad helps to absorb shock which can happen on trails that are rough.
  • This saddle pad will not cause sweating because it is highly breathable.


  • This saddle pad is only available in black.

#4) Thinline Untrimmed Half Pad

Did you know that Thinline is the only saddle pad manufacturer that has been endorsed by spinal surgeons? That should tell you just how wonderful these saddles are. This untrimmed half pad is ideal for many types of saddles because it is thin enough to put over your existing saddle pad.

The reason this saddle pad needs to go directly under your saddle is because it offers superior anti-slip protection. Once in place, this saddle pad will help your saddle grip better, offering superior staying power.

The open cell technology of this saddle pad offers a high level of breathability, helping to ensure your horse does not get overheated on long rides. This saddle pad should fit most 16-17-inch saddles.

This pad is made to mold to the back of your horse, helping to prevent pinching in the withers and spine. It is available in black and white. It is important to note that this saddle is only meant to cover the weight-bearing parts of the saddle.


  • The breathability of this saddle is enhanced with its open weave design.
  • This saddle pad helps to keep your saddle in place and prevent it from slipping.
  • This pad fits perfectly under your saddle, offering shock absorption for you both.
  • With this saddle pad in place, there is no uncomfortable pinching in the withers or the spine, for better comfort.


  • May not fit all saddles. Please make sure to measure.

#5) Thinline Ultra Trifecta Half-Pad Saddle Pad

Undoubtedly, you have a lot of options for saddle pads, but none offer the level of protection and comfort available from Thinline. This pad is a popular one in their line and offers all the benefits their saddle pads provide for both horse and rider.

This pad offers the perfect fit because it is shimmable. (Shims are sold separately.) The thin line of the saddle pad stays right down the line of your horse’s spine, cradling them in comfort and keeping you comfortable too, without excess padding that will only end up bunching up under the saddle and causing further problems.

With its excellent shock absorption, this saddle pad offers a quieter ride and allows both horse and rider to come together and sense one another’s movements more intuitively.

The thin and flexible design of this saddle pad makes it perfect for off-the-rack and custom saddles. You can even use this saddle pad on top of another pad.


  • The design of this saddle pad is meant to offer a superior level of shock absorption, making your horse and you much more comfortable.
  • The fabric allows for a high level of breathability.
  • This pad is easily shimmable.
  • This saddle pad can fit easily under most all saddles.


  • This saddle pad is only available in black.
Thinline Saddle Pad

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Before you purchase any saddle pad, there are some things you need to consider. While saddle pads are not as big of an investment as an expensive saddle, it is still wise to carefully consider your purchase so money is not wasted.

  • Proper Fit

Having the proper fit is extremely important when purchasing a saddle pad. Now that you have read our top 5 reviews, including the thinline half pad reviews, you know it is important to choose a saddle pad that fits well with your saddle. The saddle pad should be large enough so that it covers all the pressure points of the saddle. Some saddle pads are meant as all-purpose pads and will work with just about any saddle type.

  • Padding

The padding is an important consideration. You need to make sure there is ample padding for comfort, but not too much. Too much padding is just as bad as not enough. If there is too much, the pad will become bunched under the saddle and lead to painful pressure points.

  • Durability

Saddle pads should be made of durable materials that are stitched together to form tight seams. It is important to carefully research the materials the saddle pad is made of, so you will know if the pad will be durable enough to hold up to daily wear and tear without breaking down.

  • Spinal Freedom

No matter which saddle pad you choose, it is imperative the pad offers spinal freedom for your horse. The spine of the horse should be able to move freely, without discomfort.

Thinline Pad


Often, we get questions from our readers who want further information on particular topics we address. We love being able to answer some of these questions, but we receive so many, it is sometimes difficult to get to them all. When we get a lot of the same questions, we like to answer them in our reviews.

  • How do I measure my saddle for a saddle pad?

When measuring your saddle, you will need to first take a measurement from end to end on the topline. You will then need to take the dropline measurement on the underside of the saddle. Measure from the center of the saddle to the edge of the skirt and then multiply times two. This will give you your proper saddle pad measurement.

  • Are all Thinline saddle pads breathable?

Thinline makes all of their saddle pads highly breathable. This means they will not cause overheating or excessive sweating. They keep air circulating for better comfort for your horse.

  • How can I know if I am putting a Thinline saddle pad on my horse correctly?

Many owners worry about putting their saddle pad on correctly, but Thinline has made it easy. They put their logo on the left shoulder of each of their pads. This logo should also be placed on the left shoulder of your horse.

Final Words

Now, you know more than ever before about Thinline and what sets their saddle pads apart from the rest. If you have never had the privilege of riding on a Thinline pad, you are missing out. These pads are superior in performance and comfort, and they will last for many years without breaking down. After reading our thinline saddle pad reviews, make sure to click through the links and learn more about each pad and all it offers, so you can make the perfect purchase.

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