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Tough 1 Saddle Reviews: Which One’s Right for You?

Choosing a new saddle for your horse is never easy. Without knowledge of the brands and types available, you can end up choosing the wrong one that makes you and your horse uncomfortable. With this tough 1 saddle review, equestrians will discover whether or not this brand is worth the money. This review is meant to […]

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5 Best Endurance Saddles Reviews 2021

Endurance saddles are meant for a long trail ride or endurance racing. Spending a lot of time sitting in a saddle can lead to discomfort for the rider. Those who go on long rides or participate in endurance racing need the highest level of comfort and support so they do not begin to feel discomfort […]

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6 Best Impact Gel Saddle Pad Reviews for Greater Comfort

Most horse owners know the importance of a saddle pad to keep their horses comfortable. Saddle pads help to reduce friction and prevent the saddle from rubbing the horse’s skin and hair, causing irritation and sores. Saddle pads also help to protect your saddle by absorbing some of the horse’s sweat. With the right saddle pad, […]

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