King Series Saddle Reviews: Way You Think About Horse Saddles

How does your saddle treat you and your horse? Does it offer the right level of comfort or do you find problems with fit? This guide will introduce horse enthusiasts to an amazing saddle company. King Series Saddles are durable and made with the finest of materials so they hold up to many years of riding fun. Whether you are a barrel racer, roper, or simply love hitting the trails, King Series Saddles has you covered. With this king series saddle review, we are committed to helping our readers find the perfect saddle to meet the needs of themselves and their horses.

Why Choose King Series Saddles?

You undoubtedly have a lot of choices when it comes to saddle companies and models. With many companies and hundreds of saddle types, it can often be confusing attempting to make a choice. King Series Saddlery has served its customers for many years. They offer both leather and synthetic saddles, and their focus is always on the highest level of quality.

A smart shopper is one that is informed fully. Knowing all the details about a saddle company will help to ensure you can make an informed choice that serves you and your proud steed well for many years to come.

5 Best King Series Saddle Reviews 2020

The right saddle should hug you and your horse in comfort. King Series offers some of the best saddles on the market, and this guide will tell you why.

#1) King Series Mini-Rawhide Barrel Racer Saddle

If you are a barrel racer, this is going to be a King Series Saddle you definitely want to check out. This saddle has been designed with mini horses and smaller riders in mind. The eight-inch seat is perfect for youth or petite riders.

The beautiful leather tooling and roughout suede offer the perfect look. As with all King Series Saddles, this saddle is handcrafted using the most durable of materials. King Series makes their saddles to hold up to all kinds of abuse. With the right maintenance and care, this saddle will serve you and your horse for many years to come.

If you own a mini horse and love barrel racing, this is the perfect saddle for you. This saddle has a cantle and stirrups that are covered with rawhide, making them more durable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features a round skirt
  • Fiberglass tree
  • Two-inch horn
  • Five-inch gullet
  • Weighs seven pounds


  • This saddle is the perfect size for smaller riders and miniature horses
  • The decorative tooling and silver conchos make this a beautiful saddle
  • The skirt is the perfect size at 13-inches by 13-inches
  • The seat is eight inches, which is the ideal size for younger or smaller riders


  • Will not fit larger horses

2. King Series Mini Deluxe Western Saddle

This is another saddle that is just perfect for smaller riders and horses. If you own a mini horse or your child loves to ride, this will be the perfect addition to your tack room.

This King Series Mini Deluxe Western Saddle is made of completely genuine rough leather, so it offers a rustic appeal, with plenty of durability for smaller riders and horses. We wanted to include plenty of options in our king series western saddle reviews.

The skirts of this saddle are lined with neoprene, which helps to ensure sweat is wicked away from your horse, so they do not get uncomfortable, even on long trail rides. With the comfortable seat, riders will not feel sore and uncomfortable, even on bumpy rides.

The bars of this saddle are miniature and the tree is made of fiberglass. You will find every detail, even though smaller, is the same as in the larger saddles King Series Saddlery makes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has a 1.5-inch horn
  • The swell is seven-inches
  • The seat is eight-inches
  • The cantle is two-inches
  • This saddle weighs six pounds


  • This miniature saddle is the perfect weight and size for smaller riders and horses.
  • The beautiful rough leather gives a primitive appeal.
  • The neoprene-lined skirts help to keep your horse free of sweat discomfort.
  • The skirts are fourteen-inches by sixteen-inches.


  • Will not fit larger horses

3. King Series Comfort Saddle for Gaited Horses

The size of this saddle is 16.5, making it ideal for many riders. This is a gaited saddle, so it will more easily fit horses that are difficult to fit. The color of this saddle is dark oil and it is a lightweight saddle, making it easier for both horse and rider to contend with on a ride.

This saddle offers an extreme level of comfort, making it perfect for long days on the trail. The neoprene skirts keep moisture wicked away, and the saddle offers Tough-1 quick change snaps, buckles, and stirrups for ease of use.

This King Series Saddle offers extra D rings for your gear and the leather stirrups are highly padded and hand-sewn for durability and comfort. Weighing in at only twenty pounds, this is a much lighter weight than many full-size saddles, providing a higher level of comfort for your horse.

Highlighted Features:

  • Thirteen-inch swell
  • Three-inch cantle
  • Seven-inch gullet
  • Center O Ring rigging
  • Weighs twenty pounds


  • This saddle offers a supreme level of comfort for both horse and rider, even on long trails.
  • The quick-change stirrups, buckles, and snaps make this saddle easy to use.
  • The skirts of this saddle are 24” x 19”.
  • This saddle offers smooth leather throughout with a tooled serpentine border.


  • Only available in one design choice.

4. King Series Synthetic Trail Saddle

If you are looking for a synthetic trail saddle that offers the rich beauty of natural leather, check out this King Series Trail Saddle that is available in beautiful colors that will fit all types of riders. This saddle is a perfect addition to our king series synthetic saddle review.

This lightweight saddle offers plenty of comfortable padding and neoprene lined skirts which benefit both horse and rider, keeping you both much more comfortable during a long day on the trail. The skirts are made of a tough synthetic material that is scratch-resistant so your saddle will stay looking beautiful for many years to come.

The bars of this saddle are semi-quarter horse and the sewn padded stirrups are completely adjustable, so you get the perfect fit. There are multiple colors available, including black/black, black/pink, black/purple, black/turquoise, brown/brown, and there are multiple sizes offered. It is important to note that the conchos are different colors on some color models, so please click through the link to learn more about the design details.

Highlighted Features:

  • Five-inch cantle
  • Twelve-inch swell
  • Three-inch horn
  • Rigging is a Drop D Skirt
  • Weighs approximately fourteen pounds


  • As with most synthetic material saddles, this King Series Saddle is the perfect weight for both horse and rider.
  • The beautiful color combinations allow you to choose the perfect style.
  • The neoprene-lined skirts keep your horse cooler and more comfortable.
  • The padded stirrups easily adjust to meet your needs.


  • The stirrups may not fit every rider. Measure carefully.

5. King Series Mesquite Mule Saddle

If you are a mule owner, you will want to check out this saddle made by King Series. We included this in our guide because many horse owners also own mules, and having the right saddle for your mule is crucial for long rides.

Although some mules can handle a quarter horse bar, not all mule backs can. Having a bar that is made specifically for mules will help to cut down on your animal’s level of discomfort while you are riding. The padded seat is surprisingly comfortable, which is a plus because not all mule saddles offer this level of padding.

As with many of King Series Saddlery Saddles, this mule saddle comes equipped with Tough-1 quick-change buckles and neoprene-lined skirts for added comfort and convenience.

Highlighted Features:

  • Three-inch horn
  • Twelve-inch swell
  • Seven-inch gullet
  • Five-inch cantle
  • 24"x22" skirt


  • It is sometimes difficult to find a mule bar saddle that will fit a mule precisely, and this one does.
  • Increased padding means more comfort for the rider.
  • The neoprene-lined skirts help to keep your mule more comfortable, even under a heavy load.
  • The quick-change buckles make this saddle easier to use.


  • Is not available in multiple colors
King Series Saddle for horse

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Because most people consider horse saddles to be an investment, you must know what you are looking for when it comes to purchasing a King Series Saddle for your horse. Taking the time to learn about the possibilities will make you an informed shopper who is prepared to make the right purchase for your needs.

  • The Materials

Most people know there are both synthetic and natural leather options when it comes to horse saddles. Both have their own pros and cons. Natural leather saddles are more durable and likely to last longer, but they require special care. Synthetic materials are lighter in weight but may not hold up as long.

  • The Comfort

If a saddle is not comfortable for both horse and rider, it will not be used and could cause problems if it is. It is wise to get a seat that is highly padded for rider comfort. The tree and skirts should be made to mold to the horse’s body, and it never hurts to have neoprene linings for sweat-wicking.

  • The Type

Manufacturers, such as King Series, create a range of different saddles to accommodate the needs of various riders. Barrel racers require special saddles to help them hold on tight. Roping saddles are meant specifically for roping cattle, and trail saddles are perfect for long rides. Choose wisely to meet your needs.


People often have a lot of questions when it comes to choosing a King Series Saddle. We like to answer as many questions as we possibly can and love when they are submitted by our readers. If you have any saddle questions, feel free to reach out to us and you may see your question highlighted in one of our FAQs.

  • Should I use a blanket or pad with my King Series Saddle?

In most cases, it is best to use a saddle pad or blanket with any saddle, including King Series Saddles. The blanket or pad helps to prevent the skirts from rubbing against the horse’s skin and causing discomfort. Some saddles are padded enough to avoid using a blanket, but this is not always the case.

  • How are King Series Saddles cleaned?

Cleaning a King Series Saddle is the same as any other. The way you clean a saddle will depend on its materials. Synthetic saddles can be wet with a hose and you can use soap to clean off the dirt. If you have a leather saddle, you will need to use a saddle soap that is specifically made for genuine leather. You will also need to condition it with oil.

  • Are King Series Saddles easy to adjust?

Most of the King Series saddles come with quick-change buckles that are easy to adjust for the perfect fit. You will want to make sure your horse’s saddle fits precisely for safety and comfort.

Final Words

With this king series saddle review, you are now equipped to choose from the best King Series Saddles. Whether you need a saddle for a quarter horse, a mule, or a miniature, our reviews have you covered. Feel free to check out our other reviews and informative articles that help you gain knowledge on the tack available to meet your horse’s needs.

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