6 Best Impact Gel Saddle Pad Reviews for Greater Comfort

Most horse owners know the importance of a saddle pad to keep their horses comfortable. Saddle pads help to reduce friction and prevent the saddle from rubbing the horse’s skin and hair, causing irritation and sores. Saddle pads also help to protect your saddle by absorbing some of the horse’s sweat.

With the right saddle pad, horse owners can rest assured their horses will be much more comfortable on long trail rides or even during a barrel race. Read our impact gel saddle pad reviews to learn more about your options.

The Science Behind Impact Gel

Impact gel offers an extreme level of impact resistance, making it ideal for relieving pressure on a horse’s back. Understanding the science behind this amazing gel will help horse owners to better understand why it is so important to use an impact gel saddle pad.

Impact gel is a viscous material that is made with interconnected molecules that help to dissipate energy quickly. The structures in this gel, called cross-links, allow the molecules to move freely throughout the gel, while still remaining linked together.

The impact gel inside the saddle pad allows it to absorb the force of each impact and dissipate the energy quickly, so it does not cause any jarring of the horse’s spine.

These saddle pads also help to relieve pressure points that can lead to pain because of an ill-fitting saddle. Impact gel is one of the most effective ways to bring comfort to your horse.

Impact Gel Saddle Pad

The Top 6 Best Impact Gel Saddle Pad Reviews 2020

Impact gel is a patented material that can withstand a lot of pressure, absorbing it so your horse’s back does not feel the brunt of force.

#1) Impact Gel Contoured Felt Saddle Pad

With the right saddle pad, you will not have to worry about saddle inconsistencies in fit, which could cause slippage and painful pressure points. This saddle pad helps keep the horse cooler, by allowing for a better level of air circulation.

The wool blend felt helps air to flow between the saddle pad and the horse, ensuring the horse stays cooler and more comfortable. This saddle pad has been handcrafted and is made in the USA.

This saddle pad fits both square and round saddles, and it offers the perfect level of flexibility to help prevent painful pressure points from developing. When this saddle pad is in place, horse owners will find their horses stay calmer and do not develop saddle sores from the saddle rubbing against their skin.

This particular saddle pad is 30-inches long and 32-inches wide. It is ½-inch thick for an extreme level of force absorption. You can purchase this pad in multiple sizes, to ensure a perfect fit.

The base of this saddle pad offers a layer of impact gel, allowing all the pressure and force to be absorbed before it hits the back of your horse. With better comfort and protection, this is a perfect saddle pad for any horse.


  • Offers a thick padding for added comfort and protection
  • Helps the saddle to stay in place, even if it does not fit well
  • Fits both round and square saddles
  • Allows for better air circulation between the horse and pad


  • Is only available in black or gray

#2) Impact Gel Barrel Saddle Pad

If you are a barrel racer, you need a pad that is properly contoured for the needs of your horse and saddle. When you are running barrels, this saddle pad will help to prevent shifts in the saddle on turns. With this impact gel contoured saddle pad, you will find it safer and easier to race.

Like all Impact Gel saddle pads, this pad has a full, thick layer of impact gel, which helps it to absorb the force that is created from the pressure of the saddle and rider. This saddle pad offers the perfect level of flexibility, allowing for the protection of your horse. With greater flexibility, it is less likely painful pressure points will begin to develop.

This is a thick pad that is durable and hand-sewn. These pads are made in the USA and are crafted with leather and a wool blend. The wool blend felt allows for increased air circulation between the horse and the pad, helping horses to stay cooler and more comfortable.


  • Available in multiple thicknesses, ranging from one-inch to ¾ of an inch
  • Offers increased flexibility, which helps to prevent pressure point development
  • With greater air circulation comes greater comfort and cooling
  • The heavy-duty leather makes this a durable saddle pad


  • May not fit long-backed horses

3. Impact Gel Contour Horse Saddle Pad

This saddle pad offers a range of lengths from 30 to 32-inches. The gel inside this saddle pad is made from environmentally friendly components and it is not temperature sensitive, meaning it will continue to absorb shock and impact, at different temperatures.

This saddle pad is available in black, tan, and gray. The unique wool blend of the felt portion of the pad allows for greater air circulation. You will find your horses stay cooler and more comfortable, even on long rides.

The edges of this saddle pad are made with highly durable leather that is meant to offer increased durability and protection. You will find this tough saddle pad is meant to last for many years, without breaking down or becoming damaged.

This saddle pad works well with multiple horses and saddles because it conforms to the horse’s back, offering a higher level of comfort and support. Once in place, this saddle pad will help to prevent the saddle from slipping around on turns.


  • Impact Gel makes all their saddle pads with their patented gel, which helps to prevent impact shocks to your horse’s back.
  • This saddle pad is available in multiple sizes and colors.
  • These pads are made tough to stand up to all kinds of abuse.
  • With this saddle pad, you can rest assured your horse will be comfortable.


  • May not fit all saddles and horses. Please measure carefully.

#4) Impact Gel Contour Saddle Pad

This saddle pad is available in multiple sizes and styles. One style offers a fleece lining, which is perfect for added comfort and warmth during cold weather riding. This saddle pad is available in two colors, which include black and gray.

As with all of Impact Gel’s saddle pads, this one is hand-sewn in the United States and offers the highest level of comfort and protection for your horse. Unlike some saddle pads, this one does not create excess heat. In fact, the wool blend of the saddle pad allows air to circulate between the horse and the pad, making for a much higher level of comfort.

The durable leather trim helps to ensure this horse saddle pad will last for many years, without becoming worn. The gel layer helps to absorb all impacts and shocks for much greater comfort for your horse, even on a long ride.

The contoured design hugs the spine and the cutouts at the withers and under the riggings helps to achieve a perfect fit.


  • This saddle is made to last, with a durable, thick leather trim.
  • The wool blend felt allows for increased air circulation, which is so important for comfort.
  • The saddle pad features the patented impact gel, which helps to add to your horse’s comfort.
  • With greater flexibility comes fewer painful pressure points.


  • May not fit some horses. Always measure before purchasing.

5. Impact Gel Cowtown Saddle Pad

This impact gel cowtown saddle pad offers a beauty like no other we have listed. This saddle pad is made from durable leather and 100% New Zealand wool, making it the perfect addition to your tack room.

As with all Impact Gel saddle pads, this model offers a layer of impact gel that helps to dissipate the energy absorbed from riding. Your horse will feel so much more comfortable and will not mind the longer trail rides.

This woven saddle pad is available in black/red and black/tan. It measures 36-inches by 34-inches and is made in a straight cut.

Like the other saddle pads in this review, this Impact Gel Cowtown Woven Saddle Pad offers advanced flexibility, allowing it to move with your horse, so painful pressure points do not develop.


  • This saddle pad is meant to work with any saddle.
  • The gel layer absorbs energy shocks that could cause your horse pain.
  • The woven pattern is beautiful, and the saddle pad is hand sewn in the USA.
  • This saddle pad offers increased air circulation for better comfort.


  • Is available in only two color combinations

6. Impact Gel Endurance Saddle Pad

If you are searching for a trail saddle pad that will help to keep your horse comfortable on the longest of rides, this is the perfect pad. This pad, like all other Impact Gel Saddle Pads offers a thick layer of impact gel, which is a patented material that helps to absorb shock and prevent it from causing pain to your horse.

This saddle pad is made with a beautiful wool blend that helps to keep your horse cool and comfortable. It allows for better air circulation, so sweat is dried quickly. With the level of flexibility of this saddle, you will not have to worry about painful pressure points developing, which can often lead to saddle sores.


  • This saddle offers wool felt and durable leather trim, for added durability.
  • With this saddle, you will find even pressure distribution, for greater comfort.
  • Moves with the horse and rider, while offering protection
  • Keeps the saddle in place, with a better fit


  • Only available in one color
Impact Gel Saddle Pads

Things to Consider Before You Buy

There are a few things you should consider before purchasing any saddle pad. Take time to research your options and learn all you can before buying.

  • Fit

As with any tack purchase, you are going to want to make sure to find the perfect fit. The right fit is critical for ensuring your horse’s saddle does not slip around uncomfortably. With the perfect fit, your horse’s spine will be cradled and any saddle irregularities will be taken care of.

  • Padding

The right level of padding is also of great concern. Some saddle pad manufactures skimp on padding and it ends up bunching up and causing uneven protection. Impact Gel saddle pads offer superior padding that will not break down.

  • Contours

In most cases, it is best to purchase a contoured saddle pad because it will be able to flow with the curves of your horse’s back, offering a better level of protection and comfort. A straight-cut saddle pad will also work effectively, if it is flexible.


You most likely have a lot of questions regarding purchasing a saddle pad. It can be a little overwhelming making a purchase, but getting answers to your questions is helpful. The following are some of the most popular questions we have received.

  • Why is a saddle pad necessary?

While some riders prefer to ride without a saddle pad, they are doing their horses an injustice. Saddle pads offer comfort and help to ensure the saddle fits appropriately.

  • How do you clean a saddle pad?

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. The leather areas will need to be cleaned with saddle soap and then oiled. The wool blend areas can be spot washed to remove any dirt and debris.

  • How long will a saddle pad last?

Some saddle pads are made from inferior materials and may only last a few weeks or months. Impact Gel pads are meant to last for many years and require very little maintenance.

Final Words

Now, you have all the information you need for making the perfect purchase of an Impact Gel Saddle Pad. Our impact gel saddle pad reviews will help you decide which one will work best with your horse and saddle. Please feel free to click through the links to learn more about each saddle pad. You will find that no matter which one you choose, every saddle pad Impact Gel makes offers an amazing level of comfort and protection.

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