Hilason Saddle Reviews 2021: Perfect Saddle for Comfort

Have you been searching for the perfect horse saddle to add to your tack room? Are you concerned about durability, quality, and the right fit? If so, you have come to the right place. Hilason is a name many owners have come to rely on for their horse saddle needs. This guide will offer information on these saddles and will include our top picks with hilason saddle reviews. This comprehensive guide will help you choose the perfect Hilason Saddle to add to your collection.

Why Choose Hilason Saddles?

Hilason is a leading name in the saddle industry, with many years of production under their belts. They create some of the most stunning leather products, with an emphasis on saddle production. Consider the following reasons you should trust this saddle manufacturer.

  • Hilason uses creative design and handcrafting over machining. They believe each of their saddles should be a work of art, so they strive to maintain integrity in every piece they produce.
  • From tanning to stitching, to packaging, everything is done in-house.
  • They are committed to a high level of customer service.
  • Hilason are experts in treeless saddles, parade saddles, and showmanship saddles.
  • They stand behind each of the saddles they produce.
  • They work closely with trainers, fitters, and other equine professionals to ensure their saddle designs are safe, comfortable, and durable for both horse and rider.

Top 5 Best Hilason Saddle Reviews 2020

Before purchasing any Hilason saddle, it is helpful to learn as much about the company and its manufacturing processes as possible. It is also important to learn about the saddles they offer.

#1) Hilason Treeless Western Leather Saddle

As stated above, Hilason specializes in treeless saddles, so it should be no surprise this one is listed. This saddle is manufactured from premium American cowhide, which is considered one of the most durable leathers in the industry.

This saddle is available in sizes 14, 15, and 16-inches. The seat is 14-inches and features roughout material to keep you stable. The hand tooling on the saddle is immaculate and offers a beautiful touch.

This saddle works to evenly distribute your weight on your horse, making for a more comfortable ride for you both. You will notice this saddle makes your horse calmer. You will also see that they are better able to respond to your commands.

Unlike treed saddles, this saddle allows for freer movements with your horse’s shoulders, providing more comfort and better flexibility.


  • This saddle is made of pure American cowhide leather, offering extreme durability.
  • This Hilason Treeless Saddle helps to evenly distribute weight and prevent painful pressure points that can sometimes develop.
  • With this Hilason saddle, both riders and horses will feel an amazing level of comfort.
  • Compared to many leather saddles, this saddle is lightweight and more flexible.


  • This saddle is only available in mahogany leather.

#2) Hilason Flex Tree American Leather Saddle

Flexible tree saddles are less invasive to your horse’s spine, allowing for freer movements and a greater level of comfort. Like all other Hilason Saddles, this one is made of genuine American cowhide, making it durable and beautiful.

This saddle is 16-inches and fits a 6-8-inch gullet. The seat is smooth black leather, with a cantle that measures 4.5-inches. Unlike many heavy leather saddles, this Hilason Flex Tree is lighter in weight, weighing in at 28-pounds.

The length of this saddle is 26-inches, and it features a gorgeous hand-tooling design around the border. There are matching front and rear cinches.

The bars on this saddle are flexible, though the cantle and pommel are rigid. The flexible material of the saddle tree has been thoroughly tested to offer superior protection against moisture, pressure, and temperature extremes.


  • Hilason uses a Lesser-Tree approach to tree construction. With this flexible tree, the saddle will be less rigid and able to conform better.
  • This saddle helps to evenly distribute the weight of the rider and prevent painful pressure points from developing.
  • Amazingly, this bar flexes from a semi to a full quarter horse, with ease.
  • The shorter skirt allows for better contact with the horse.


  • This saddle is available in only one design, but it is beautiful.

#3) Hilason Flex Tree Western Horse Saddle

Once again, we have another saddle with a flexible tree. This antique deep brown saddle is a beauty to behold. The seat of this saddle is made with smooth black leather. The size of the seat is 16 inches with a 5-inch cantle.

The gorgeous hand-tooling of this saddle makes it a thing of beauty. This saddle features a beautiful scalloped border and the cinches match in both front and back.

This saddle is made with a Lesser-Tree, which simply means the saddle tree flexes from semi to full quarter bars with ease. This is not your traditional horse's saddle tree because it allows for a greater level of flexibility and comfort.

This saddle has been tested thoroughly to fit many types of horses. Often, horses that have had difficulty with rigid tree saddles can wear saddles like this one comfortably.


  • With the Lesser-Tree flexible system, you can rest assured your saddle will move with your horse, without causing pressure points.
  • The seat offers ample padding, with a smooth black leather covering.
  • This saddle allows for a high level of shock absorption, making it more comfortable for your horse on rough rides.
  • This saddle gives the performance of a normal treed saddle, with a much greater level of flexibility, like a treeless version.


  • This saddle may not fit all horses or riders, so please make sure to measure.

#4) Hilason Synthetic Horse Saddle

If you love to ride for pleasure, this is going to be a Hilason saddle you want to try. Although Hilason is known for its heavy-duty cowhide saddles, this synthetic version is a beautiful specimen.

This black saddle is fifteen inches with a round skirt. The roughout synthetic leather seat helps to keep you in place on long and leisurely rides, even when the terrain gets a bit bumpy. The cantle is 4.5-inches.

The base of this saddle is synthetic wool, and the gullet is semi quarter horse bars. The tree of this saddle is made incredibly strong with reinforced fiberglass.

This saddle has drop rigging and the front and the rear cinches match beautifully. This is the perfect saddle for everyday trail riding.  


  • This saddle helps to ensure your weight is evenly distributed, for a better level of comfort.
  • Your horse will stay more energetic on long rides because this saddle is lightweight.
  • This saddle will help your horse to move more freely, without pinching in the withers and spine.
  • Hilason offers a five-year warranty on this saddle.


  • This saddle is only available in black.

#5) Hilason Flex Tree Western Horse Saddle

The right saddle should move with your horse, and that is just what this one does. Hilason is known for making the best in treeless saddles, but they also offer Flex-Tree options that are ideal for getting the best of both worlds.

This premium leather saddle is made from pure American cowhide, so it is going to remain durable for many years to come. The gorgeous tooled border adds to the design. The seat is 17-inches, with a 4.5-inch cantle.

The antique dark brown finish is beautiful. The cinches match perfectly in front and back. The length of this saddle is 28-inches, and it weighs about 28-pounds.

With Hilason’s Lesser-Tree approach to saddle construction, you will find the tree is able to flex beautifully, allowing for a perfect level of comfort for your horse, without any uncomfortable pressure points developing.


  • The rigid pommel and cantle allow for stability, while the proprietary rubber-like tree material flexes beautifully, allowing for greater comfort and movement.
  • The seat is padded to ensure your comfort as a rider, with all the support you need for long trail rides.
  • The stirrups are made with Blevins Buckles, so you can quick-change them at any time.
  • The beautiful antique finish makes this a gorgeous saddle.


  • This saddle may not fit all riders and horses, so please measure accordingly.
Hilason Saddle

Things to Consider Before You Buy

You have a lot to consider when purchasing any saddle. Besides our hilason treeless saddle reviews, we want to prepare you for knowing what to look for when comparing saddles. Consider the following so you can rest assured the right saddle is purchased.

  • Consider Your Budget

Saddles can be expensive, so it is important to plan ahead. Knowing what you can spend before you start the shopping process will help you to stay on budget. To get a good saddle, you should plan on having at least a few hundred dollars to spend. Just remember that price does not always equate to quality.

  • Consider Your Practice

What is your primary reason for needing a saddle? Are you a trail rider or do you compete in barrel racing? Consider the reasons you will be using the saddle before buying since many practices require specialized saddles. If you like to barrel race, make sure to choose an appropriate saddle. If you participate in multiple practices, an all-around saddle will be ideal.

  • Consider the Materials

One of the first things you should consider when shopping is the materials of the saddle. You are going to want to purchase a saddle that will offer a high level of durability, so it will last as long as possible. Leathers and synthetics both have their benefits. Generally, leather is going to last longer than synthetics, but it ends up requiring more maintenance.

  • Consider the Tree

As you now know, Hilason is known for its treeless and flex-tree options. It is important to know what type of tree a saddle has before you purchase. Traditional trees are more rigid, while flex and treeless options offer greater flexibility. Each has its benefits, depending on your needs and the needs of your horse.

  • Consider the Seat

For the rider, the most important part of the saddle is the seat. The saddle seat needs to fit perfectly and should offer the highest level of support. Make sure to measure your thigh from the top of your hip bone to your knee, while seated, to get your seat size.


So often, we receive many questions from our readers. Because we like to pass on knowledge, we love answering user-submitted questions. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have. Below are some of the top questions we have received.

  • How can I tell if I need longer or shorter flaps on my saddle?

When purchasing a saddle, you want the flaps to come no lower than mid-calf. Although an inch or two on either side will not matter much, when the flap is too long, riders may need to have a custom flap put in place.

  • What causes a saddle to slide forward?

One of the top reasons for saddles sliding forward is a lack of cinching. If you do not cinch your saddle properly, sliding is going to happen and could lead to problems. Elastic girths are notorious for having tightening issues.

  • Is lower back pain, after a ride, a sign of saddle problems?

If you suffer from lower back pain after a ride, the saddle could be to blame. A saddle that is ill-fitting or needs to be reflocked will often cause lower back pain for riders.

Final Words

Saddles are one of the most important pieces of tack for horse owners. If it is time for a new saddle, our hilason saddle reviews should help. Hilason is a name you can trust for all your saddle needs. They work to ensure each saddle they produce is like a perfectly handcrafted work of art. From their design concepts to packaging, they work every step of the way to provide their customers with the highest standards of quality.

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