5 Best Double T Saddle Reviews Will Help You Ride in Style and Comfort

Double T Saddles are one of the most respected names in the industry. Double T handcrafts their saddles, making sure every minute detail is perfect. When you choose a Double T Saddle, you are choosing the absolute best for your horse’s comfort and yours. It can sometimes be difficult to choose a saddle because there are so many options. Even choosing a brand of saddle is never easy because there are many good ones in the industry. By reading our double t saddle review, you will be well equipped to choose the perfect saddle to ride your horse in style and comfort.

Why Choose Double T Saddles?

Purchasing Double T Saddles is one of the best decisions a horse owner can make. These saddles, as always, are still handcrafted using genuine D&D Leather. Double T Saddles works to ensure every detail of their craftsmanship is defect free. They use corrosion-resistant hardware, so their saddles are meant to last.

Double T Saddles are meant to stand up to years of abuse. Although they are reasonably priced, they have construction and design that are much like saddles in higher price brackets. If you have never had the pleasure of riding on one of these saddles, now is a perfect time to learn more about them. With our double t treeless saddle review, you can rest assured you will have the information you need for making a perfect choice.

Top 5 Best Double T Saddle Reviews 2020

Using a saddle to ride a horse is incredibly important for both horse and rider. With all the different brands and types on the market, horse owners sometimes find it difficult to make a choice. Read the below reviews to get started on your purchase. Continue reading to learn more about our double t western saddle review options.

1. Double T Barrel Style Filigree Print Saddle

This saddle is a beauty to behold, even if you are not interested in the specifics. The filigree seat is gorgeously detailed with floral tooling, copper-colored conchos, and a beautifully engraved rigging plate.

The saddle comes with D-rings at the front of the skirts and a latigo tie strap. With both of these features, you can rest assured you will be able to get a secure fit.

This saddle offers full quarter horse bars and is available in sizes 14,15, and 16-inches. With this saddle, barrel racers will faster, safer, and better equipped to win the race with ease.

Highlighted Features:

  • Full quarter horse bars
  • The swell is 12.5 inches
  • The gullet is 7 inches
  • The stirrups adjust from 36-42 inches
  • The horn is 3 inches


  • This saddle offers a handcrafted design that is made from genuine leather.
  • With the four-inch cantle and deeper seat, barrel racers will find greater security in any race.
  • This saddle features teal and floral tooling that simply makes it a stunning piece.
  • With its genuine leather, it is a durable saddle that will last for many years.


  • This saddle is not available in multiple colors.

2. Double T Hard Seat Roper Saddle for Youth

This saddle is a perfect match for youth ropers. This is simply a beautiful saddle and is perfect for youth who love to ride. From the gorgeous seat to the flowery tooling on the skirts, this is a saddle you must see to be able to appreciate.

This saddle offers full quarter horse bars and is handcrafted on a wood tree that is covered in fiberglass. The stirrups adjust from 23” to 29” and additional holes can be added if needed.

As with all Double T’s horse saddles, this one is fully handcrafted with genuine leather. Riding in this saddle will help youth riders to remain in full control while they are roping. Youth will feel entirely comfortable in this saddle because of its increased strength and padding in the seat.

While this saddle is geared towards youth riders, those who are petite may also find this to be a perfect size. It is important to check proper measurements before buying any saddle.

Highlighted Features:

  • The bars are full quarter horse
  • The gullet is seven inches
  • The horn is two inches
  • The swell is twelve inches
  • The cantle is four inches


  • This saddle is the perfect size for youth or petite riders, and the stirrups can be adjusted with added holes.
  • This saddle offers a high level of comfort and security while roping.
  • This saddle offers beautiful floral tooling and silver conchos.
  • This Double T Youth Saddle is easy to maintain.


  • This saddle is not available in multiple colors.

3. Double T Training Saddle

This saddle features roughout material that keeps riders in the seat and secure. The fenders are accented with beautiful floral tooling. The saddle offers large D rings that lie on the front and back of the skirts and smaller rings on the pommel and top skirts.

With this saddle, training a horse will be much easier because of the level of comfort and support for both horse and rider. This saddle weighs twenty-eight pounds and offers a wood fiberglass covered tree for greater stability.

As with many of Double T Saddles, this one offers stirrups that can adjust from 32-inches to 42-inches. Holes can also be added to offer further adjustment options. This saddle is made of full genuine leather, so it is going to remain durable for many years to come.

This full quarter horse swell is perfect for many horses. This saddle size is sixteen inches. As always, make sure to measure carefully to ensure the perfect fit.

Highlighted Features:

  • This saddle has a wood tree covered in fiberglass
  • The bars are full quarter horse
  • The gullet is seven inches
  • The horn is three inches
  • The cantle is 2 ½ inches


  • This Double T saddle is perfect for training new horses.
  • The design is beautiful and classic, and it will look beautiful for many years to come.
  • The skirts of this saddle are 15" x 29", making them perfect for most riders.
  • The fenders are beautifully tooled with a rich floral design.


  • Available in only one design choice

4. Double T Treeless Saddle

Some riders prefer a treeless saddle and Double T has delivered. While treeless saddles are not for everyone, there are some key benefits, including the following.

  • There is less pressure on the horse’s back, which helps them to remain without pain.
  • A treeless saddle helps put the rider closer to the horse’s back, so they are better in control.
  • They offer better weight distribution, for less discomfort in the horse.
  • A treeless saddle allows the rider’s body to move freely with the horse.
  • A treeless saddle can prevent a horse from becoming a swayback.

This saddle features a rich brown color with basketweave tooling and silver conchos. The seat is covered in beautiful black suede and the saddle features aluminum stirrups.

If your horse is difficult to fit for a saddle, this treeless saddle may be the best option. Although treeless saddles are not for every horse rider, many riders prefer them because of the above benefits.

Highlighted Features:

  • 16-inch saddle seat
  • 13-inch swell
  • 3-inch horn
  • 5-inch cantle
  • 12" X 26" skirts


  • The stirrup leathers can be adjusted by adding further holes.
  • The weight of this saddle is 22 pounds, making it lighter in weight than some larger saddles.
  • This saddle is treeless, so it allows you and the horse to flow well together.
  • The saddle offers a beautiful tooled design.


  • Is not offered in multiple colors

5. Double T Gaited Western Endurance Saddle

With this final addition, you now will have all our double t saddlery review options read. This Double T Saddle is made for gaited horses who are more difficult to fit. This is the perfect saddle for everyday trail riding and offers a high level of comfort most riders enjoy. Double T offers a fair five-year warranty for any manufacturing defects.

The chestnut and tan color combination offer a beautiful look. As with many of Double T Saddle’s, riders can increase the length of the stirrup by adding additional holes in the leather.

This is a heavier saddle than some models, weighing in at 26 pounds. The tree is made of wood covered in fiberglass. The bars are semi quarter horse and the swell is twelve inches.

Highlighted Features:

  • 16-inch seat
  • Weighs 26 pounds
  • 6.5-inch gullet
  • 4-inch cantle
  • 2.75-inch horn


  • The tree of this Double T Saddle is made of solid wood, covered in fiberglass, for added strength.
  • As with many of Double T Saddles, this one offers stirrup adjustments.
  • This saddle is ideal for gaited horses that are difficult to fit.
  • Double T Saddles offers a five-year warranty on defects in manufacturing.


  • May not fit all horses.
double t saddle

Things to Consider Before You Buy

When purchasing a Double T Saddle, there are undoubtedly some things to consider. Knowing what to look for before making a purchase will help you to be prepared. As always, feel free to click through each of our double t treeless saddle review sections to learn more. If you plan to purchase a Double T Saddle, make sure to read this section carefully.

  • Your Riding Discipline

The riding discipline you participate in is of extreme importance when purchasing a Double T Saddle. If you like to rope, you need to make sure to purchase a roping saddle. Trail riders would not want to purchase a barrel racing saddle. If you participate in different riding disciplines, it is best to choose a good all-around saddle.

  • The Materials

The material a saddle is made of is critical for its durability. All Double T Saddles are made from genuine leather. Some other saddle manufacturers use synthetic materials, and they are good options. Sticking with genuine leather increases the care responsibility, but also means you will have a more durable saddle that will last decades with proper care.

  • Fit

Both the rider and horse need to be able to achieve a proper fit with any saddle. Measurements must be taken before purchasing a saddle from any manufacturer. If there is not a right fit for the horse or rider, discomfort could be felt by both. The right fit must be achieved for the horse to remain comfortable enough to respond to the rider.

  • Reviews

Reviews like ours give riders all the inside information they need for being sure they are making the right choice. Reading reviews from customers is also beneficial. You need to know if there are any major complaints before deciding to purchase. With the high quality of Double T Saddles, you will be satisfied completely.


It is our pleasure to hear feedback from our readers who enjoy the information we pass on. As always, we invite you to submit any questions you may have. You may one day see them being answered in one of our helpful reviews. The following are the top three questions we have received from viewers like you.

  • Do all Double T Saddles come with a warranty?

Double T is a company that stands behind its work. They offer a full five-year warranty on the tree, which is much more than many saddle manufacturers. You can purchase with confidence, knowing your saddle will last many, many years.

  • How do you clean a Double T Saddle?

Leather dries out just like skin, so it needs to be oiled. You must follow the manufacturer’s suggestions for each saddle you own. Do not use regular soap to clean a leather saddle!

  • How long should a saddle last?

The length of time a saddle lasts will depend on how well you care for it. If you take a saddle through a lot of abuse, you can expect to need a new one more often. Some people have been riding on their Double T Saddles for many years.

Final Words

The right saddle should fit horse and rider like a glove. The saddle is what joins the two together. If it is the right one, the horse and rider will begin to move as one. If you have never had the pleasure of riding on a Double T Saddle, we hope this review has helped you understand why they are one of the best brands in America. With our double t saddle review, you are now equipped to make the right purchase for you and your horse. Click through each of our links to learn more about the saddles we have reviewed.

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