Double C Barrel Saddle Reviews 2021

Are you in the market to purchase a new saddle for your horse? Do you feel overwhelmed by the many brands and types available? If you answered yes to these two questions, you are not alone. Choosing the right saddle can be stressful, especially if you are new to riding. Keeping our readers informed is important to us, which is why we have come up with our informative double c barrel saddle reviews. These reviews will help to give you better insight into why these saddles are some of the best in the industry.

A Few Best Barrel Saddles You May Like

Top 5 Best Double C Saddles

Reading review information is important for helping people make the right choice in horse saddles. We have compiled information on the best Double C Saddlery has to offer, and we want to share this information with our readers.

#1. Double C Western Saddle

If you are looking for a Western saddle, this Double C saddle may be the one. Before delving too much into the specifics, it is important for you to understand just how beautiful this saddle really is. Made from a richly detailed tooled leather with a black suede seat, the aspects of this saddle are perfect in every way.

This saddle offers exquisite floral tooling on the skirts and fenders and a basket stamp on the cantle and swells. Pictures do not do this saddle justice, because it is simply just so beautiful.

Another detail you will love about this Double C Saddle is the padded seat. If you love a long trail ride, but hate the soreness that it brings, this padded seat is the answer. Even after a long ride, you will remain in a high level of comfort.

Highlighted Features:

  • The seat of this saddle is 15.5 inches.
  • They make the tree of wood wrapped in rawhide.
  • The swells are 14 inches.
  • The cantle is 3 inches.
  • The horn of this saddle is 3.5 inches.


  • The rich details of this handcrafted horse saddle make it a thing of beauty.
  • The ultra-soft padded seat allows you to ride longer without the discomfort.
  • This is a hefty saddle, weighing in at 36 pounds.
  • The skirts are 26 inches and double squared.


  • Is only available in one color combination

#2. Double C Saddlery Suede Barrel Saddle

Double C Saddlery is known for their beautiful saddles that are made from the most durable of leathers and suede. This is another beautiful addition to their lineup, and you will love how it looks and performs.

The ample padding in this seat means it will allow for the perfect level of comfort. This is truly a beautiful specimen of saddle, and riders enjoy the style it brings. This barrel saddle helps you grip the seat during a race.

The saddle seat for this saddle can be ordered in multiple sizes that range from 13 inches to 16.5 inches. The gullet size also offers options, including the following.

  • Semi quarter horse bars
  • Quarter horse bars
  • Full quarter horse bars
  • Extra-Full quarter horse bars

The saddle seat is covered in a beautiful suede available in multiple colors, including tan, brown, rust, black, navy blue, royal blue, green, hunter green, purple, red, pink, and turquoise.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers a Billy Cook Tree
  • High cantle and swell
  • The horn height is 3 inches.
  • The cantle width is ten inches
  • This saddle weighs around 24-pounds, depending on the measurements.


  • This saddle is handcrafted from some of the most durable and beautiful leathers available.
  • This is the perfect saddle for barrel racing because it allows you to stay in the seat, even on tight turns.
  • Double C Saddlery offers an extended five-year warranty.
  • The saddle offers beautiful silver conchos and rich tooling on the seat, skirts, and cantle.


  • May require extra maintenance

#3. Double C All-Around Western Saddle

Being able to rely on your horse saddle to provide service to you and your horse is essential. This Double C All-Around Western Saddle is ideal for trail riding and other practices. If you have never experienced the high level of comfort, style, and support Double C Saddlery is known for, then you are missing out.

Our double c saddle reviews would not be complete without this addition. The seat offers the highest level of comfort with ample padding and a back cinch that helps support your back, even during a long day on the trails.

This saddle is made of genuine leather and offers a beautiful basket stamp on the skirts, fenders, and cantle. It is truly a sight to behold, making riders look stylish when they take their horse out on the trails for a ride.

Highlighted Features:

  • The seat size is fifteen inches.
  • The tree is made of wood that has been wrapped in fiberglass.
  • The gullet is 6 ¾ inches.
  • The stirrups are padded and wrapped in rawhide.


  • This is a gorgeous saddle you will be proud to own, since every detail is made by hand.
  • The padded seat and cinch help to add to your level of comfort, even on long trail rides.
  • The stirrups are the perfect length and are padded for a higher level of comfort.
  • The silver buckles and conchos add to this saddle’s charm.


  • May not be available in many sizes.

#4. Double C Saddlery Western Training Saddle

If you are trying to train horses, you need a special saddle that will make them feel comfortable and prevent them from getting spooked easily. This Double C Saddlery Western Training Saddle should be the perfect addition to your tack room.

This saddle is soft and supple because it is made of a rich and buttery suede. The seat is a darker brown, while the rest of the saddle is lighter in color. Training saddles are ideal for helping skittish horses grow accustomed to wearing a saddle. With this saddle, your horse will be trained in no time at all.

This saddle is built with a low cantle and pommel for a better level of versatility. This saddle can be used beyond the training period and is a good all-around saddle for horse owners to have in their collection.

Highlighted Features:

  • This saddle offers a fifteen-inch seat
  • The gullet is six inches
  • The saddle length is twenty-three inches
  • Offers rawhide-covered stirrups
  • Close contact skirts


  • If you could only purchase one saddle, this one would do the job of many.
  • This saddle features beautiful stitching and rawhide, with silver conchos and details.
  • The details provide a beautifully traditional Western look.
  • The seat is highly padded for your comfort.


  • Is not available in multiple colors

#5. Double C Western Roping Saddles

Double C Saddlery makes some of the most beautiful Western saddles because they handcraft them and design each one to become a thing of beauty. This Western Roping Saddle is no exception.

When roping, you need to make sure you are using a saddle that offers a high enough horn and a seat grip that will keep you in your seat when wrestling with stubborn cattle. This is the perfect roping saddle to add to any tack room collection.

Double C Saddlery puts thought into every detail. This saddle features basket tooling, beautiful silver conchos, and oak accents. You will find the stirrups offer the perfect level of comfort and durability, with their padding and rough rawhide finish.

Highlighted Features:

  • The seat of this saddle is sixteen inches.
  • The gullet of this saddle is 7.5 inches.
  • The total length of this Double C Saddle is 28 inches.
  • The cinch at the back provides support
  • Offers silver buckles and D rings


  • This saddle offers beautiful details, down to the most minute of design aspects.
  • The padded seat offers a high back to keep you where you belong, without flailing forward.
  • The horn is the perfect size to ensure your rope holds fast.
  • The stirrups offer increased comfort and durability.


  • Only available in one color.
Double C Barrel Saddle

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Purchasing a Double C Saddle is one of the best buying decisions horse owners can make. Every detail is perfectly designed with horse enthusiasts in mind. Double C listens to its customers, and they continue to offer some of the most beautiful, comfortable, and durable saddles in the world. The following are some considerations before you buy.

  • Weight

Weight is undoubtedly a consideration because some Double C Saddles can weigh over thirty pounds. While this may not seem so much, you must lift that thirty pounds higher than your horse to put it in place. Make sure you know your limitations on lifting and choose a weight accordingly.

  • Material

Double C Saddlery only uses the finest of materials. Their saddles are made from genuine leather with man-made liners, for a greater level of breathability and comfort. Although you can certainly purchase synthetic material saddles, you will find better longevity with natural leather.

  • Purpose

The purpose for purchasing a saddle should be a big part of the decision process. If you are a roper, you need a roping saddle because it offers a higher horn. You will need a good gripping seat if you are a barrel racer, while a training saddle is perfect for getting your new horse accustomed to being ridden.

If you practice different types of horse riding, choose a good all-around saddle, such as the one we have included in our reviews section.

  • Maintenance

Maintenance is undoubtedly a part of taking care of a saddle. You need to consider the upkeep before making a saddle purchase. Genuine leather is going to require more work to clean and protect. Synthetics are easy to clean, but you may have to sacrifice longevity.


We enjoy hearing from our many readers and learning more about their interests in horse riding. We understand our readers often have a lot of questions and need solid, factual answers. Below, you will find our selected FAQ questions, submitted by our readers just like you. Please feel free to reach out to us with your questions at any time.

  • What makes Double C Saddlery saddles so special?

In a world of mass machines, many modern-day saddle companies have given up on handcrafting their saddles, in favor of mass production. Double C Saddlery is one of the few saddleries that still see to every detail by hand.

  • How should I care for my Double C Saddle?

If you have purchased a Double C Saddle that is made of genuine leather, it is advised you use a special leather saddle soap to keep it clean. Never spray your leather saddle with water, and always make sure to condition it with oil.

  • What should I do to choose the right saddle seat?

The seat is an important aspect of any saddle, but is especially critical for trail saddles. No one wants to develop saddle sores because their saddle seat is not padded. Always check to ensure the saddle you are purchasing offers a high level of padded comfort. When in doubt, try the saddle before you buy, whenever possible.

  • What are the D rings on saddles?

Some saddles come equipped with D rings. These rings allow you to attach certain pieces of equipment, such as shields. They come in handy when you are on the trails and are a welcome addition.

Final Words

Now that you have read our extensive double c barrel saddle reviews, you should be better equipped to make a purchase. As always, feel free to click through each of the links to learn more about the saddles Double C Saddlery creates. These beautiful saddles are works of fine art.

They are durable to take all the abuse you can throw at them. Make sure to check back for more reviews on horse tack products that allow you to enjoy spending time with your beloved steed. With these Double C Saddles, you can ride your horse in style and with a much greater level of comfort.

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