Corriente Saddle Reviews 2021: Check Out the Right Comfort

The right saddle should offer a supreme level of comfort for both horse and rider. An ill-fitting saddle, or one that is improperly made, can cause problems. Often, these saddles will create pressure points on your horse that cause skin irritation and severe pain. Most horse owners consider the purchase of a saddle to be an investment.

Carrying out research will help you to decide which saddle is right for you and your horse. With our corriente saddle reviews, you will learn about the Corriente Saddle Company and why they make some of the best horse saddles in the industry. Make sure to click through the review links and learn as much as possible, so you can buy with confidence.

Why Choose Corriente Saddles?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to horse saddles. Sometimes, there are so many choices the process feels overwhelming. It is important to learn as much as possible about the options available. Corriente Saddle Company is one of those options, and they are leading the way in producing some of the best saddles on the market.

This saddle company is owned by the Baize family, which includes many roping champions. They only make saddles they ride themselves. Their saddles are second to none, offering comfort, style, and durability.

From training saddles to roping ones, Corriente offers a wide array of options that are ideal for riders of all ages and practices. Not only do they offer some of the best saddles on the market, but they also manufacture saddle hardware, blankets, saddle accessories, and more.

Corriente Saddle

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Although Corriente offers some of the best saddles in the world, there are still some things people should consider before they make a purchase. Knowing what to look for will help individuals make the right choice for the needs of themselves and their horses.


There are two main material types saddles are made of, and they include leather and synthetic. Both of these materials have their pros and cons. Consider the following before you decide.

Pros of Leather:

  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Natural

Cons of Leather:

  • Can be difficult to maintain

Pros of Synthetics:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Breathable

Cons of Synthetics:

  • Not as durable as leather

Traditionally, horse saddles are made of leather because of its lasting appeal. Today, many manufacturers are creating amazing synthetic saddles that offer many benefits to both horse and rider.


Measuring your horse properly is essential for ensuring the saddle fits correctly. Without a proper fit, you will find the saddle slips and slides or causes uncomfortable pressure points to develop on your horse. The following steps should be taken to make sure you measure a horse correctly. After you have the correct measurements, read our corriente saddle company reviews to choose wisely.

  • Measure your horse from the withers to their last rib bone. (This measurement gives the maximum length of saddle your horse will be able to wear.)
  • Measure your horse’s withers to ensure the saddle will fit will correctly.
  • While seated, measure the length of your thigh from your hip bone to the knee. (This measurement will help you know what seat size to purchase.)


You will also need to decide on the tree type of your saddle. The two main types are treed and treeless. Treed saddles are common for riders of all types, though some prefer a treeless saddle.

The tree of a saddle is the framework on which it is built. Typically, trees are made of wood, and now the wood is wrapped in fiberglass to make the tree stronger. The pros of each include the following.

Pros of Treed Saddles:

  • Offer better weight distribution
  • The tree does not come in contact with the spine
  • The seat is more secure

Pros of Treeless Saddles:

  • They adjust to all types of horses
  • They allow for closer contact with the rider
  • They are lighter

There are reasons for choosing both types, so make sure to research your options. If you are a barrel racer, be sure to choose a treed saddle, since it will offer more seat security. Check out our corriente barrel saddle reviews to learn more.

Corriente horse Saddle


We love answering the questions our readers submit. If you would like to submit a question, please feel free to contact us. The following are our top three questions from our readers like you.

What is the gullet size of Corriente Saddles?

All of Corriente Saddles are made with a 7-inch gullet and ninety-degree angled bars. A proper gullet channel is essential for ensuring your horse can move freely, without becoming stiff and in pain. Corriente has made sure their saddles do not cause horses to hollow and bend.

Does Corriente make trophy saddles?

Corriente makes trophy saddles and can add lettering according to the needs of the rider. If you would like to have a trophy saddle hanging on your wall, they can create custom orders and have them delivered to you in about thirty days.

How do I care for my saddle?

The proper care instructions for a saddle will depend on its materials. Leather saddles need to be cleaned with saddle soap and properly oiled so the leather does not dry out. Synthetic saddles can be washed with a hose and soap but should be hung to dry so they do not lose their shape or become damaged in the dryer.

Final Words

Now, you know more about Corriente Saddles and why they are some of the best in the industry. No matter which saddle you choose, this manufacturer offers high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. They offer a wide range of saddle types to fit horses with all types of withers and backs.

With our corriente saddle reviews, you now know more about these saddles and what makes them such a valuable asset to your tack. As always, we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the information we supply for our loyal readers.

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