5 Best Endurance Saddles Reviews 2021

Endurance saddles are meant for a long trail ride or endurance racing. Spending a lot of time sitting in a saddle can lead to discomfort for the rider. Those who go on long rides or participate in endurance racing need the highest level of comfort and support so they do not begin to feel discomfort in their back and bottom. With the best endurance saddle, riders who enjoy a long ride will actually be able to enjoy it without the discomfort an uncomfortable saddle can bring.

Top 5 Picks of the Best Endurance Saddle

You undoubtedly have a lot of options in endurance saddles on the market. Endurance saddles come in English, Western, and Trail versions and can be made in synthetics and leather. Consider our endurance saddle reviews to make the right choice for your needs.

#1) Wintec Endurance Saddle

Endurance riders expect a certain level of comfort to allow them to stay in the saddle for a long time. If the seat is not ergonomically designed and padded, it will not pass the test.

This Wintec model offers an extreme level of comfort. When you sink into this ultra-comfy saddle, you will immediately feel an increased level of padding in the seat. You will also notice the low profile back support helps to cradle your lower back and prevent pain and fatigue.

The stirrup bar can be moved, ensuring you have the highest level of comfort. Not only is this saddle highly comfortable for riders, but it also offers your horse super-soft panels that hug your horse and conform to his muscles.

This saddle offers the revolutionary CAIR Cushion System, which provides the highest level of comfort and support in the industry. With the Easy-Change Ryder System, you will be able to offer the best fit and highest level of comfort to your horse, even on the longest of rides.


  • This saddle was designed for endurance rides for both horse and rider, offering both an extreme level of comfort.
  • This saddle offers perfect weight distribution, preventing painful pressure points.
  • The saddle has two independent chambers of air, for a higher level of comfort.
  • This saddle is available in black or brown and multiple sizes.


  • May not fit all riders and horses. As always, make sure to measure carefully.

#2) King Neutron Marathon Endurance Saddle

This is another brand that is highly respected in the saddle industry. This King Neutron will make you feel like a King or Queen while riding your horse on the longest of rides.

With the polymer form fit tree, you will find the saddle molds to the curves of your horse’s spine, offering the highest level of comfort and support.

This saddle was specifically designed for long trail rides and endurance races. It weighs 32 pounds and offers the perfect level of support for the rider’s and horse’s spines.

The bars of this saddle are full quarter horse, with a 13-inch gullet, an 8.5-inch cantle, and the skirt is 23" x 19".

This saddle offers a light, yet constant contact on the back of your horse, ensuring both of you feel comfortable throughout the long ride or race. The company stands behind their craftsmanship, offering a five-year guarantee.


  • This saddle has been ergonomically designed to place your pelvis and spine in the perfect position.
  • The extreme padding helps to prevent discomfort, even on the longest of rides.
  • The low profile back offers plenty of support for your lower spine.
  • This saddle is available in multiple sizes.


  • This saddle is only available in brown.

#3) Double T Western Endurance Saddle

Gaited horses have a special walk that requires a unique saddle. A gaited saddle is not much different than a traditional saddle, but it does allow for greater movement, allowing for the unique walk of a gaited horse.

This saddle comes in two colors and two sizes. The rich padding on the seat helps to offer the highest level of comfort, even on long trail rides.

This saddle offers a fiberglass-covered tree, making it extra durable and strong. This saddle is meant to stand up to all types of abuse on the trail, while leaving rider and horse comfortable.

The stirrups of this Western saddle can be adjusted from 28” to 33”. You can also add extra holes for even more customization options. The bars of this saddle are semi-quarter horse swell and the horn is 2.75-inches.


  • This saddle is designed perfectly to cradle the backbone of your horse and support your spine, for a higher level of comfort for you both.
  • The weight of this saddle is at the perfect level of 26 pounds.
  • The stirrups are adjustable, to ensure you have the right fit and comfort level.
  • The light and dark oil contrasts make for a beautiful saddle.


  • Available in only one design

#4) King Trekker Endurance Saddle

This King Trekker saddle offers the most comfort in the seat. You will find it is highly padded and the raised low-profile back offers the perfect level of lower back support, without being too rigid.

When people think of endurance saddles, they often focus on the comfort of the rider, but this saddle offers the best level of comfort for both horse and rider. This saddle offers abrasion-resistant fenders and skirts, with leather jockeys and seat.

The shock-absorbing stirrups are adjustable and offer a high level of comfort, even on trails that are a little rough. This saddle weighs in at 30 pounds and is available in a couple of different seat sizes.

The tree of this saddle is flexible fiberglass-wrapped, and it is available in black and brown. If you are looking for a hornless endurance saddle that will offer a high level of comfort and support for both horse and rider, look no further.


  • This saddle is made of a mixture of materials, including leather, Nylon, and neoprene, for high durability.
  • The soft fleece underside offers the perfect level of padded support to mold to your horse’s back.
  • You will find the seat of this saddle is highly padded, with just the perfect level of support for long rides on the trail.
  • This is a lightweight, yet durable saddle that will stand up to a lot of abuse.


  • This saddle is not ideal for a horse with high withers.

#5) Tough1 Endurance Saddle

If you are looking for an endurance saddle that is treeless, this one could be ideal for you. This treeless version helps to ensure there are no pressure points on your horse that could cause pain. This is especially important in endurance racing or riding because you do not want any further stress on your horse’s back.

This saddle is washable and weatherproof, so it will perform beautifully, even on long rides in the rain. This saddle fits perfectly on all types of withers and backs. You will even find it can fit multiple horses in your herd.

With the ergonomic design of this saddle, you will find your pelvis and spine are cradled in the perfect position. It offers just enough lower back protection to help prevent your back from becoming fatigued or pained during a long trail ride.


  • This saddle is perfectly padded and molded to ensure it protects riders from the pain of a long ride.
  • The fleeced and padded underside offers plenty of softness, comfort, and protection for your horse, cradling his muscles.
  • This saddle can fit a variety of horse’s backs and wither types.
  • This saddle is washable and easy to maintain.


  • This saddle is only available in two color options
endurance saddle

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Because you will be in the saddle for longer than some riders, choosing the best saddle for endurance riding is critical. You will need to think about a few different considerations before making a choice. With the right choice, you can rest assured you will be comfortable, even on the longest of rides or races.

  • Comfort

When it comes to choosing the best endurance saddle, comfort is key. You need to make sure the saddle offers comfort features that will be good for both you and your horse. Look for padding in the seat and underside. Ensure the saddle seat offers a low-profile rise that helps to support your lower back. The stirrups should be adjustable and offer plenty of comfort for long rides.

  • Durability

Another consideration for endurance racing or riding is durability. Because you will be in the saddle more often than some riders, you are going to need to make sure the materials of the saddle are durable and easy to maintain.

Choose materials such as leather, Nylon, and neoprene. Make sure the seams are heavily stitched and the materials are reinforced in all important areas.

  • Maintenance

How long do you have to spend on cleaning and maintaining your saddle? Do you want one that you can grab and go without worrying about a lot of work? It is important to choose a saddle that is easy to clean and maintain.

In most cases, you are going to find synthetic saddles to be more user friendly because they do not have a lot of leather components that are difficult to clean and maintain.

  • Style

Style is also important for many riders. You want your saddle to be comfortable, but it also needs to be beautiful. Many racers especially want beautiful saddles when they are competing. There are so many saddle colors, designs, and materials to choose from. Feel free to click the links in our endurance saddle reviews to learn more about our top five picks.


We know our readers have a lot of questions when it comes to purchasing a saddle that will offer them the highest level of comfort and support on long trail rides and races. Although it would be difficult for us to answer all the questions we receive, the following are our top four.

  • What type of seat padding should I look for?

There are multiple options for seat padding, and it is important to research the types. Some seats come with air chambers, while others offer gel padding or microfiber foam. All of these are good choices. Make sure you do not choose a saddle that has polyester fill in it, or it will become bunched and uncomfortable.

  • What pants should I wear for endurance riding?

A true endurance rider knows wearing jeans is impractical for long rides. If you want the highest level of comfort, choose riding tights. They will not get in the way of the stirrups and will move with your body, offering excellent sweat-wicking ability.

  • How long is the average endurance race?

Endurance racing can lead to you being on the trail up to forty miles in a single day. You and your horse need to be in the best shape possible and have the most comfortable and durable gear. Be sure to check out our website for articles that will help you prepare.

  • How often should I purchase endurance equipment?

This is a question that is somewhat difficult to answer, because it depends on you, your horse, the terrain, and how often you ride. Before heading out on an endurance race, you must inspect every piece of equipment. Any wear and tear could prevent you from being able to finish the endurance race. Ideally, you should replace equipment twice a year, though saddles will last much longer.

Final Words

Endurance riding and racing are enjoyable, yet taxing to both horse and rider. Having the right saddle is a must for protecting you and your horse. The right saddle should cradle the muscles of your horse and provide extreme comfort for your bottom and back.

You should take time to learn about the options that are available for you. With our best endurance saddle reviews, you now have the information you need for making the right purchase. Feel free to click through the links of each product to learn more.

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