5 Best Barrel Saddles Brands on the Market {Reviews & Buying Guides}

At the rodeo, barrel racing is a big event, with stiff competition. If you want to get the best time for your cloverleaf pattern, the right saddle is essential. While some riders think they can use any saddle for barrel racing, this is not recommended. Some saddles are made specifically for barrel racing, and they do a good job at helping racers compete. With this guide, you will be ready to choose the best barrel saddle to meet your needs.

Barrel Saddles Vs. Other Saddles

Some attributes make barrel saddles stand out from other types. While most traditional trail saddles are meant primarily for comfort, a barrel saddle offers specific features that make it ideal for every aspect of barrel racing. Consider the following factors to help you understand what makes barrel saddles so special for racers.

  • Barrel saddles are much lighter and more compact in design. Because they are used for racing, riders do not want to weigh their horses down with heavy equipment that will make them slower.
  • A barrel saddle also has a deeper seat that allows riders to stay on their horses better.
  • For a better grip, barrel saddles offer a taller horn and higher pommel.
  • Barrel saddles also offer a higher cantle for better security around turns.
  • The skirts on a barrel saddle are typically much shorter, and they are rounded.

Top 5 of the Best Barrel Saddles Reviews In 2020

The right barrel saddle should offer all the above features and allow for a high level of comfort and safety. Consider our barrel saddle reviews to help you learn more about your options and which one will be best to meet your needs.

#1) Acerugs Hand-Tooled Barrel Racing Saddle

Acerugs Saddlery is a treasured saddlery company in the barrel racing world. This saddle is truly a thing of beauty and something you must experience for yourself. With its intricate hand-tooled weaving and floral designs, this saddle will make you stand out in the arena.

The black suede-covered seat of this saddle is deep and helps riders stay put. There are shiny silver conchos for attaching gear and padded, adjustable stirrups.

The fleece padding on the underside of the saddle offers increased comfort for your horse. The tree is well-balanced and made of wood with a fiberglass covering. The headstall, reins, and breast collar are all included with this saddle.

This saddle features a horn that is 3.5-inches, a 7-inch gullet, a 4.5-inch cantle, and a 12-inch swell. The weight of this saddle is 26-pounds, making it ideal for barrel racing.


  • The horn and cantle of this saddle are ideal for barrel racing.
  • This saddle offers a deep seat and ample padding, with a soft suede cover.
  • This barrel saddle is made from durable, genuine leather.
  • The tree is well-balanced with the perfect combination of wood and fiberglass.


  • This barrel racing saddle does not come with the cinch.

#2) Double T Barrel Saddle with Filigree Seat

Double T is undoubtedly one of the best barrel saddle brands in the industry. One look at their saddles tells you why. If you are looking for a beautiful saddle for the arena, look no further. Every detail on this saddle is hand constructed for an amazing look.

The bars on this saddle are full quarter horse and the swell is 12.5 inches. This saddle is available in sizes 14,15 and 16. The horn is 3-inches, and the cantle is 4-inches.

This saddle comes equipped with D rings on the front and copper-colored conchos. The stirrups are beautifully detailed with rawhide braiding, and they can adjust between 36" to 42".

With this saddle, you will feel more comfortable in the ring, and you will find you turn better and can better control your horse. As a barrel racer, the right saddle is everything. Not only do you need a good saddle to compete, but you also want one with a lot of style, and this saddle delivers in both categories.


  • This saddle offers the perfect horn and cantle height to give you a competitive edge.
  • The seat is deep and comfortable, with a beautiful turquoise filigree pattern.
  • The stirrups of this saddle are adjustable, to keep you in the perfect position while turning a corner.
  • This saddle allows you to remain in complete control of your horse during a race.


  • Does not include headstall and breast collar

#3) Acerugs Barrel Racing Saddle

Some saddles offer the best of both worlds, with beauty and comfort. This is one of those saddles. The first thing you will notice about this Acerugs saddle is the attention to detail.

This saddle is available in 7 colors with black accents. This saddle is also available in multiple sizes that range from 14 to 18 inches.

This barrel racing saddle is made of a synthetic Cordura material that helps to reduce the weight and improve maintenance. The soft, padded seat keeps you comfortable, while the fleece underside helps to keep your horse feeling cozy. The saddle features Texas star conchos and adjustable Blevins Buckles.

This saddle has a 3-inch horn and weighs approximately 18 pounds, making it a perfect saddle for barrel racing competitions. The stirrups are adjustable between 28-34 inches. The stirrups are also padded, to help you remain as comfortable as possible. This is the perfect saddle for a gaited horse.


  • This saddle offers a beautifully simple design that is available in multiple colors.
  • The horn and cantle height are ideal for barrel racing.
  • The padded stirrups are adjustable to give you the perfect position.
  • The saddle is lightweight at under 20 pounds, which is perfect for racing.


  • This saddle may not fit all horses.

#4) Tex Tan Champion Barrel Racer Saddle

This is one of those saddles that just makes you look and feel like a champion right away. This saddle has quarter horse rigging. It offers a deep suede-covered seat to help keep racers in the perfect position.

The roughout fenders and jockeys also lend themselves beautifully to helping you prevent slipping while on turns. The horn of this saddle is 3 inches, while the cantle is 5 inches, making it perfect for barrel racing.

Weighing in at 25 pounds, this saddle is durable and lightweight enough to prevent your horse from being weighed down in a race. This saddle features hand-tooling and black vine conchos.

The stirrups are aluminum barrel racing stirrups that have tooled leather accents. You can adjust these stirrups to meet your individual needs, so you stay in the saddle.


  • This saddle meets all the requirements necessary for being good for barrel racing. It has the perfect cantle and horn size.
  • The deep seat is heavily padded to offer the highest level of comfort.
  • Weighing in at only 25 pounds, this saddle is the perfect weight for keeping you light in a race.
  • The stirrups are made of aluminum and are perfectly matched for a barrel racer’s needs.


  • This saddle is not available in multiple colors.

#5) Silver Royal Jameson Barrel Saddle

This is undoubtedly one fine looking saddle. Every detail has been crafted by hand. This saddle features a black tooled print with hand-painted floral designs and iridescent crystals. This saddle has a medium oil finish.

This saddle is manufactured by Tough-1 and offers a 3-inch horn with a 5-inch cantle, which is just about perfect for a barrel racer’s needs. The bars are full quarter horse, and the saddle weighs in at 27 pounds.

The skirt of this saddle is 24.5" x 24.5". The seat of this saddle is nice and deep, allowing you to stay in place, even on the sharpest of turns. You will find the seat is also supportive and comfortable.

You will love the look and feel of this saddle and will appreciate that it has been specially designed with barrel racers in mind. From practice to the arena, this is the perfect saddle to meet your needs.


  • This saddle has everything you need for a competitive edge. The horn, cantle, and weight are all within the recommended measurements.
  • The deep seat of this saddle is supportive and comfortable.
  • The skirts are the perfect size for barrel racing.
  • You will find this saddle makes you look like a champion in the ring.


  • This saddle may not fit all horses. Please measure carefully.
Barrel Saddle

Consider Before You Buy Best Barrel Racing Saddle Brands

As a barrel racer, your primary focus is winning. Getting that competitive edge is critical when carrying out your cloverleaves. Anything that can add to your performance is welcome. The right saddle is critical for the best time. The following offers information that will help you know what to look for in the best barrel racing saddle.

  • The Horn

The horn is an integral part of a barrel racing saddle. It is used to help racers hold on and maintain control during a race. Ideally, the horn should be around 3 inches. Horns that are too short will not allow racers to hold on with a steady grip.

  • The Cantle

A deep cantle is needed to help you stay in the seat during a turn. If the saddle seat is too shallow, you could risk slipping on turns. When choosing a barrel racer saddle, you will notice the cantle is typically slightly higher than the horn. Make sure to choose a cantle that is deep enough to keep your back cradled and your body in the perfect position for guiding your horse.

  • The Stirrups

When purchasing a barrel racing saddle, the stirrups are also an important consideration. When racing, you need to make sure your feet can grip the stirrups. It is important to choose a stirrup that is lightweight, yet has a durable and grippy finish. The stirrups should be adjustable, to ensure you get the best fit possible.

  • The Skirts

The skirts on the saddle should be shorter than skirts on other types of riding saddles. For short-backed horses, you will need to purchase a saddle that has a rounded skirt. The right skirt length should be around twenty-four inches.


As horse enthusiasts, we love hearing from our readers and learning about your experiences. We often get a lot of questions from readers just like you, and we enjoy sharing them when we post reviews. As always, feel free to send in your questions and they may be featured on a review in the future.

1. Why is fit so important in a barrel racing saddle?

One of the biggest mistakes racers make is not paying attention to the fit of their saddle and saddle pads. When they come upon a turn, racers can sometimes end up losing control of their horse and themselves because of saddle slippage. Always make sure to measure carefully and ensure the best fit before a race.

2. Should I use a saddle while barrel racing?

A saddle pad is beneficial for helping to ensure an ill-fitting saddle stays in place. They also help a saddle stay in place, even if the fit is perfect. Saddle pads will also help to keep your horse cool and comfortable. Check out our best saddle pad reviews today to learn more.

3. What is the ideal weight for barrel racing saddles?

The best weight for a barrel racing saddle is between 25-35 pounds, though some are lighter. You need a lighter weight to ensure your horse is not weighted down during a race, so they stay faster.

Final Words

Now, you have all the information you need for choosing the best barrel saddle. A barrel saddle helps to protect you and your horse and allows you to remain in a perfect position, to keep your times as low as possible. Check each link in our review to learn more about these saddles. With the right saddle, you will begin to dominate in the arena like never before. As always, make sure to leave comments and give us feedback.

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