Back on Track Saddle Pad Reviews 2021: Protect Your Horse

In a recent survey, it was discovered around 98% of horse owners use a saddle pad with their horses. Protecting your horse is of extreme importance. Putting the right saddle pad in place will help owners to ensure their horse is comfortable and protected in every way. The right saddle pad should offer support in every area and help to ensure the saddle fits correctly. With this guide and our back on track saddle pad reviews, horse owners will feel more confident choosing the best saddle pad to protect their horse.

Why Choose a Back on Track Saddle Pad?

Back on Track is a company that is dedicated to helping horses, by offering products that benefit their joints and muscles. They have combined modern textile production with ancient Chinese medicine, to offer extensive benefits to horses.

Back on Track is one of the most-respected saddle pad companies in the world. When you choose a Back on Track Saddle Pad, you are making a choice for superior quality and craftsmanship.

This company manufactures many types of saddle pads to help horses stay more comfortable and to keep their saddles in place. With a Back on Track Saddle Pad, you can rest assured your horse will feel a high level of comfort, even on the longest of rides.

Top 5 Best Back on Track Saddle Pad Reviews

Choosing the right saddle pad can be stressful for horse owners, but Back on Track makes it easy. They offer a full line of saddle pads that help a variety of horses feel more comfortable wearing a saddle. Consider our top five back on track western saddle pad reviews.

#1) Back on Track Western Therapeutic Saddle Pad

This Western pad is made to help warm up your horse’s muscles and relax them, so there is less stiffness. Made from a blend of Welltex fabric that has been infused with ceramic, and polypropylene, this saddle will offer the highest level of comfort for any horse.

Through advanced technology, this Back on Track therapeutic saddle pad helps to reflect your horse’s own body heat, increasing the comfort of their muscles. This saddle is ideal for older horses or those that experience stiff, painful, or cold backs.

The gentle warmth provided by this saddle helps to ensure blood flow is increased, helping the muscles of your horse to receive the blood supply they need for healing and energy.

This saddle pad is 31-inches by 30-inches and is squared. This saddle pad is thin enough to be used under traditional saddle pads, without adding too much bulk to the saddle. Although it offers increased warmth and blood flow, it is highly breathable and will not cause horses to overheat, even in hot climates.


  • This saddle pad liner is ideal for all types of horses and will fit most backs.
  • The liner is lightweight and flexible, allowing it to mold to the curvature of your horse’s spine.
  • This liner helps to increase blood flow, effectively warming the muscles of the horse and preventing pain and stiffness.
  • This liner will help to keep your saddle pads cleaner and in better shape.


  • This liner saddle pad is only available in one size and color.

#2) Back on Track Dressage Saddle Pad

This saddle dressage pad from Back on Track not only offers horses comfort, but also style. As all of Back on Track’s saddle pads, this dressage pad is made with Welltex technology, which is a fabric infused with ceramic. Ceramic naturally holds in heat, using your horse’s own body heat to keep their muscles warm and increase blood flow, for less pain and stiffness.

This saddle comes in two styles: There is a white one for everyday use and a ruby one for dressage shows. Both offer an elegant quilted design with two layers of padding. This saddle pad has a waffled design that offers the highest emissivity values offered by Back on Track.

The two-layer filling in this saddle pad is important for a couple of different reasons. One, it helps to offer a high level of breathability, so your horse stays comfortable. Two, it also helps to absorb shock, for greater comfort.


  • The beautiful design makes these saddle pads perfect for dressage or even everyday use.
  • The two layers work together to bring comfort and support.
  • The ceramic-infused fabric offers helps with increased blood flow, effectively reducing stiffness and discomfort.
  • This pad conforms well to the horse and fits with a variety of dressage saddles.


  • This saddle pad is only available in two colors.

#3) Back on Track All-Purpose Saddle Pad

If you are searching for a saddle pad for all purposes, this Back on Track Mathilda will be ideal. The curved spine of this saddle pad perfectly conforms to your horse’s back, offering a high level of comfort and support.

This saddle pad will help to keep the saddle from rubbing against your horse’s skin and causing discomfort. It also offers shock-absorbing material, to keep your horse more comfortable along bumpy trails.

This Mathilda is thinner than some of Back on Track’s original pads. This allows it to slip under the saddle or another pad with ease. With its therapeutic qualities, this is an ideal saddle pad for horses that experience painful backs and stiff muscles.

This saddle pad is made with Welltex technology, which infuses ceramics in the fabric. With this technology, your horse’s body heat allows for increased blood flow and warmth to the muscles, where it is needed most.


  • This pad offers a black quilted design that will fit well with almost any saddle.
  • The two layers offer breathability and shock absorption, for higher comfort.
  • The ceramic-infused fabric will help to increase blood flow and provide warmth to your horse’s muscles.
  • The spine of the pad conforms to the curvature of your horse’s spine, for a perfect fit.


  • This saddle pad is only available in black.

#4)Back on Track Dressage Saddle Pad

For dressage riders, it can sometimes be difficult to find a saddle pad that will fit with your saddle properly. Back on Track offers multiple options for dressage saddle pads, and this is one that is used worldwide. With this back on track Dressage saddle pad reviews, you will learn what makes a good saddle pad.

Their state-of-the-art Welltex fabric is infused with ceramic. Ceramic has naturally properties that allow it to hold in heat. Using the heat from your horse, the pad stays warm, allowing the muscles of your horse to be warmed and soothed and also increasing blood flow where it is needed most.

This saddle pad offers a 21-inch spine with a 20-inch drop. It is machine washable, but should not be dried with a heat dryer because it could cause damage to the thermodynamics of the fabric.

Although this pad has warming capabilities, the warmth happens at the cellular level, so there is no danger of a horse overheating in the heat of summer. The gentle warming action is invaluable for painful muscles.


  • This saddle pad is made with Back on Track’s patented Welltex fabric, which is infused with ceramics, for increased muscle warmth.
  • The pad conforms to the spine of your horse and will even fit horses with high withers.
  • With this pad, you will find your horse is less stiff and able to move more freely.
  • This horse pad will work with almost every saddle, but measurements are necessary.


  • This saddle pad is only available in black.

#5) Back on Track Therapeutic Horse Saddle Pad

If your horse seems stiff during rides or exercise, their muscles may be too cold to perform. Even in the heat, horses can experience this problem because it happens at the cellular level.

This saddle pad is meant to draw heat to your horse’s muscles, relieving their discomfort and preventing pain. Once in place, the gentle warming action helps to increase blood flow, for better movement.

As with all of Back on Track’s therapeutic saddle pads, this one is made with their patented Welltex fabric, which is infused with ceramic materials. This saddle pad is also made with Polypropylene. Most owners begin to see positive changes in their horse’s movement in about a week.


  • This pad reflects heat from your horse and helps to send it back to the muscles, so they warm up and perform better.
  • The pad helps to keep the saddle from rubbing against the horse’s back and causing discomfort.
  • This pad offers excellent wither relief.
  • With this saddle pad, horses will stay warmer, but will not be sweaty.


  • This saddle pad is only available in white.
Back on Track Saddle Pad

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Purchasing a saddle pad is not always an easy endeavor, but manufacturers like Back on Track keep it simple, offering some of the best saddle pads on the market. The following will give you some ideas on what to look for before purchasing a saddle pad for your horse.

  • Fit

The right fit is incredibly important for your horse. Ideally, you should purchase a saddle pad that is made for your saddle style. If you prefer, you can purchase an all-purpose saddle pad that will work with all types of saddles. With the right fit, you can rest assured the pad will completely cover the underside of the saddle, for a higher level of comfort.

  • Technology

Gone are the basic cotton pads of yesteryear. Today, there is advanced technology that allows saddle pads to be therapeutic for horses. Back on Track’s therapeutic horse pads are made with a material that is infused with ceramic. Check out the options for saddle pads and choose one that offers technological advances that will help your horse feel more comfortable.

  • Care Instructions

You will also want to consider the care instructions before you purchase. Ideally, you should choose a saddle pad that is washable. Back on Track’s saddle pads are washable, but should not be dried in the dryer, because it can damage the components. Instead, hang them on a line to dry.

  • Padding

You will want to choose a saddle pad that is going to offer ample padding, to ensure your horse remains as comfortable as possible. With the right level of padding, you will be able to ensure the saddle does not rub against the horse’s back, causing skin irritations.

Back on Track Saddle Pad Brand


Do you have questions about the care of your horses or their tack? Please feel free to reach out to us. We love hearing from our readers and may feature one of your questions in our reviews.

1. Can saddle pads be used with treeless saddles?

Many people believe they do not need to use a saddle pad with a treeless saddle because they are less structured. The truth is, saddle pads are helpful with all types of saddles, giving them more structure and a better fit.

2. How do I care for my Back on Track saddle pad?

Back on track recommends washing their pads with a gentle soap and using no softener. They also recommend these saddle pads be line-dried, to ensure the Welltex fabric is not damaged.

3. How do horse saddle pads wear?

Back on Track pads, like all other horse pads, are going to show natural creases and signs of wear. It is important to note these signs do not equate to damage and do not affect the performance of the pad.

Final Words

Now, you are aware of some of the many horse saddle pads Back on Track offers. This is a company that provides some of the highest levels of quality in the industry. You can rest assured each of their saddle pads are meant to provide comfort and protection, along with a perfect fit.

Once in place, these saddle pads offer extreme comfort, along with enhanced muscle warming and blood flow. Now that you have read our back on track saddle pad reviews, please feel free to click through the links and learn more about these amazing saddle pads and all they offer.

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