5 Best Abetta Saddle Reviews 2020 & Buying Guide

'Abetta Saddles' started its journey as 'Horse Tack Online LLC' in 1997, intending to cater to customers' needs for different types of horse tacks. In due course, the parent company branched off to form a new division (Abetta Saddles) to enable customers to shop online exclusively for top-notch Abetta Saddles. Today Abetta happens to be one of the bestselling and most popular saddle brands in North America and the US.

All Abetta Saddles' seats are shaped out of premium synthetic leather, and all the products tend to be lightweight and durable. This blog on 'Abetta Saddle Reviews' will come in handy for enabling you to pick the right size to keep you and your horse comfortable.   

Why do you need a perfect saddle?

Picking and choosing the right saddle is exceptionally crucial for both the rider and the horse. It is imperative to select the appropriate saddle size to ensure the rider's weight across the horseback. Your center of gravity and that of the horse are in perfect alignment when you opt for the saddle's correct size.

Abetta trail saddle reviews go a long way in enabling you to decide on your appropriate saddle size to maintain a good rapport with your steed. Put when you buy a saddle that fits perfectly on your horse's back, you're on the same page with your horse. You should see to it that the saddle facilitates even distribution of weight and aligns with the stallion's profile.

Simultaneously, the structure and outline of the saddle should correspond with the butt of the rider. To put it in short, you should go for the perfect size of the saddle to enable your mare to canter freely and comfortably.

Why choose an Abetta saddle?

Abetta Saddles have become synonymous with the best quality of saddles you'll come across in the market for horse tacks. Abetta manufactures an astonishing variety of saddles, including but not limited to trail ride saddles, endurance saddles, and barrel racing saddles. So if you're looking for a particular saddle type, you can bet you'll find the same on the company's website.

The manufacturer uses the best grade of components as well as the state-of-the-art fabrication technology for crafting saddles.

Crafted out of high-quality synthetic leather, Abetta saddles allow you to perch steadily and comfortably while riding or performing stunts. Additionally, the saddles enable the steed to trot or gallop without feeling uncomfortable and restrictive. It won't be an exaggeration to state that Abetta saddles are the ultimate in comfort and security.

5 Best Abetta Saddle Reviews 2020

The following reviews help in comparing some of the best available Abetta Saddles. These have been compared based on their features, pros, and cons. It eventually allows you to shortlist the perfect alternative for your requirements.

#1) Abetta Classic Round Saddle

The Classic Round Skirt Saddle from Abetta, crafted from quality synthetic leather, continues to be one of the most sought-after saddles.

Like the authentic Abetta ® Cordura ® saddle, the Classic Round Skirt Saddle keeps defining and setting the standards for saddles crafted out of synthetic materials. The entire saddle has been shaped and created around a robust and tough Ralide ® tree, featuring engraved silver conchos and stainless steel components. Designed ergonomically and with meticulous care, the Abetta Classic Round Skirt Saddle hardly needs any maintenance and is guaranteed to last.

The saddle is made from top-quality nylon that makes it lightweight and keeps you and your steed comfortable. Abetta Western saddle reviews have pinpointed that the Classic Round Skirt Saddle is ideal for both young and old riders, thanks to its superior craftsmanship and lightweight design.


  • Acu-Suede seat
  • 7/8" nylon leather half-breed with stainless steel hardware
  • 2" Pro-Tuff Bell stirrups
  • Horn: 3/14"
  • Cantle: 4."
  • The option to choose from a range of sizes, including size 13", size 14" and size 15."
  • Available in pink and purple colors


  • Long-lasting performance: Reinforced with a hardy Ralide® tree compatible with installing on American Quarter Horse
  • Designed ergonomically to sync with the rider's and the mount's body
  • Lightweight design
  • Calls for minimal maintenance
  • Keeps both the horse and rider comfortable  


  • The shock-resistant foam stirrups may lose their cushioning effect sooner than later

#2) Abetta Trail Saddle Review

If you're someone who loves to go riding deep inside the woods or on mountainous trails, then look no further.

The Abetta Round Skirt Wide Trail Saddle, as the name indicates, sports a broad seat, enabling the rider to find his or her perching sweet spot. Wider saddles also guarantee a higher degree of comfort, especially when riding for longer distances. This Cordura ® Abetta ® saddle is perfect for young jockeys and equestrians as the same comes in a 12" seat size.

However, the 12" saddle is as secure, hardwearing, and comfortable as the larger-sized saddles, its smaller size notwithstanding. Some of the versatile features of the Round Skirt Wide Trail Saddle include laminated Cordura ® casing, shock-absorbing closed-cell padding, and Tapadero ® stirrups.    


  • Leather-reinforced 7/8" half-breed rigging with 2" stainless steel Dee shackles   
  • Etched silver conchos
  • 21/2" cantle
  • 12" horn
  • 2" bell stirrups
  • Comes with a Ralide ® gullet
  • Incredibly lightweight: weighs only 17lbs


  • As tough and resilient as any saddle made of pure leather: Saddle-stitched out of 1000 Denier-grade nylon
  • No-slip grip ensures that the saddle stays firmly in place
  • Available in a scaled-down 12" size that makes it equally ideal for young professional jockeys and amateur riders   
  • Comfortable and secure like any full-sized saddle


  • Available only in black color

#3) Abetta Classic Ostrich Saddle

The Classic Ostrich Saddle by Abetta featuring a cowhide trimmed saddle has been exclusively designed for fitting seamlessly on quarter horses

The Abetta Classic Ostrich Saddle has been designed and crafted along the same lines as the authentic Abetta nylon saddles. However, the classic ostrich saddle's cowhide embellishments on the seat, fenders, and skirts set it apart from the original. When you go for the Classic Ostrich saddle, you get the full package complete matching shock-absorbing padding, breastplate, and reins.

Riders will surely warm up to this classic saddle owing to its lightness and user-friendliness, and also because it's easy to maintain. The saddle's no-slip grip ensures that it'll not slip or slide, thereby enabling you to sustain a steady ride.


  • Ralide gullet
  • Saddle style: Pleasure tree
  • 6-1/2" bars
  • 7/8-inch nylon leather half-breed with stainless steel Dees
  • Cantle: 4."
  • Extremely lightweight at 17 pounds
  • Swell: 12."
  • Horn: 3 ¼."  


  • Acu-Suede seat with 3-piece Ostrich cowhide accents on skirts, fenders, and seat; Designed to last
  • No-slip tread seat checks sliding or slipping from your perch
  • Riders have the option of choosing a lime green or a tan colored saddle
  • Very heavy-duty yet sufficiently lightweight: can be used by different types and age groups of riders


  • Available only in a limited size range

#4) Abetta Arab Trail Saddle

The Arabian Western Trail Saddle from the Abetta stable has been designed and created, keeping in mind the needs and preferences of trail riders.

The Abetta Arab Trail saddle impeccably integrates classic western styling with an Arabian Ralide ® tree. The saddle's seat is made out of tough and hardwearing Cordura ® nylon rendering it perfect for long-term use. Shock-absorbing foam lamination ensures that the rider and his horse do not feel the pain and soreness resulting from shocks.


  • 2-tongue/forked stirrup buckles
  • Cordura ® round-skirt seat
  •  2-inch non-slip Bell stirrups
  • 5" long carved silver conchos with adjustable length
  • Tree style: Arabian Ralide ® gullet
  • 9" horn


  • The package comes with a Latigo strap
  • Crafted with highly durable and robust Cordura Nylon
  • Shock-resistant padding keeps both the horse and the rider comfortable during leaps and bounds
  • Non-slip Bell stirrups help buttress the rider's feet on the footrest 


  • At 40 pounds, the saddle is remarkably heavy

#5) Abetta Nylon Saddle

If you're a rider of the old-school type with extensive experience, then the Abetta Original Nylon Saddle is your best bet.

The American-made Abetta Original Nylon Saddle underscores and epitomizes synthetic saddles but is available at a budget-friendly price. The harness is made of the best nylon (1000 Denier nylon) grade and features a thick foam padding that shields the horse from shocks while trotting or galloping. The Original Nylon Saddle has been shaped out of quality materials, making it lightweight, durable, and nearly maintenance-free.


  • 4" high back cantle reinforced with nylon binders
  • 6 ½" gullet
  • Acu-suede seat
  • Saddle style: Ralide quarter horse tree
  • Leather encased three ¼" horn
  • 2" slip-resistant tread stirrup 


  • Skirts feature Aire-Grip lining
  • Quarterhorse style tree available in a variety of sizes
  • Half-breed leather-accent rigging reinforced with stainless steel hardware for extra durability and strength
  • Scratch and graze-resistant toughened seat adds to the overall sturdiness of the saddle  


  • Riders do not have the leeway of selecting from a range of colors
Abetta Saddles

Things to consider before buying an Abetta saddle

Regardless of whether you're shopping for a quality saddle to enjoy trail riding or to excel in endurance or show jumping, you'll need to keep certain aspects in mind. Pay attention to the following features or factors before embarking on the task of selecting a suitable saddle for your mount:-

  • The size

The most important thing that you should bear in mind while choosing a saddle is selecting the correct product size. No matter whether you opt for the Abetta Classic Round Skirt Saddle or the Arab Trail Saddle, you'll be able to choose from a range of sizes. The best way to establish whether a specific saddle size is your (and your horse's) perfect fit, place the same across the horseback.

After that, saddle up and ride away or gallop for at least a couple of kilometers to ensure that you feel relaxed while riding. On the other hand, ascertain that your stallion feels comfortable cantering or galloping and that you're one with your horse. Remember that if you buy the wrong side of the saddle, you'll keep sliding and slipping from your seat, which could prove risky in the long run.

Alternatively, purchasing the incorrect or inappropriate size also implies that you'll be unable to take advantage of the saddle's features.  

  • Materials

Though saddles shaped out of genuine hide or leather tend to be the most durable and performance-oriented, synthetic saddles are equally good, if not better. Abetta's saddles are a living testimony that saddles made from synthetic materials can stay in service as long as leather saddles. All Abetta saddles are created from premium quality nylon (1000 denier Nylon), making them remarkably lightweight and incredibly durable.   

  • Saddle style or type

Abetta stocks general-purpose saddles suitable for the novice as well as the intermediate equestrian or the jockey. Additionally, the company offers dressage, trail riding, western, racing, jumping, and hunting saddles. Read through to the end of this Abetta endurance saddle reviews for checking out the different sizes of Abetta's endurance saddles.

  • Comfortableness

Apart from size, it would help if you gave due consideration to the comfort factor. Towards this end, ensure to choose a saddle that comes equipped with a built-in shock-absorbing thick cushion or bulky padding.

  • Size and position of stirrups

Yet another aspect that you cannot afford to ignore is the saddle's stirrups. Remember that the size and the arrangement of the stirrups will have a bearing on how securely and firmly you're able to settle your foot on the footrest.

  • Price

If you're looking for a traditional regular saddle that'll come in handy for leisurely trail rides, then you'll find products that suit your budget. On the other hand, good quality saddles for barrel racing, team penning, polo, or endurance come at a price.


Are Abetta saddles durable and resilient?

Abetta saddles made from the best grade of synthetic leather tend to last for nearly 20-25 years. Nevertheless, the frequency of use and the level of maintenance influence the longevity of a saddle.

How to decide what size will be perfect for me?

Do not simply choose a product based on its size (specified in inches). Instead, it would be best if you placed different sizes of saddles on your horse's back to ensure the optimally suitable size. For a precision customized fit, take measurements of the seat and the gullet.


After going through the above Abetta saddle reviews, we're confident that you'll be able to select the product perfectly suitable for you and your horse. All the Abetta above western saddle reviews start from the 'Classic Round Skirt' to the 'Original Nylon' suit a particular category of riders. So when it comes to choosing an Abetta saddle, irrespective of whether it's for trail riding or team penning, you're right on track.

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