5 Star Saddle Pads Reviews 2021: Comfortable on Long Rides

The primary purpose of a saddle pad is to increase the comfort of your horse. No matter how long the ride, most horses need extra padding and protection. The saddle pad shields the horse’s back from coming into direct contact with the saddle tree. With these 5 star saddle pads reviews, horse owners can do their part to provide added comfort to their horses, helping to protect them against discomfort caused by the saddle. Having the right information helps horse owners to know what to look for when they shop for saddle pads.

Why Choose 5 Star Saddle Pads?

5 Star Equine Products is family owned and operated. They are the world’s top producer of some of the finest equine products. From saddle pads to mohair cinches, they are a company that focuses on producing the highest quality of products in the industry.

Vern and Laurel Wells started their small company in 1998. Though they have grown exponentially since, they have always kept that family company feel, with many members of the family still working in the company.

Because of Vern Well’s passing, the company is now owned and managed by the Terry Moore family. When Terry Wells purchased the 5 Star Equine Products company in 2012, he made a vow to stick to the tried-and-true methods of production, and this is where the company stands today.

As you read these saddle pads reviews, you will quickly see why 5 Star is such a respected name. They continue to produce the best saddle pads in the industry.

Top 5 Picks of the Best 5 Star Saddle Pads Reviews 2020

You will never find a 5 Star saddle pad to be inferior. With their focus on craftsmanship, they have worked to create some of the best saddle pads in the world. The following are some of the best 5 Star Saddle Pads, in no particular order.

#1) 5 Star Thick One-Inch Western Contoured Saddle Pad

This saddle pad is undoubtedly one of the softest and most padded horse saddle pads. The contoured edge is meant to cradle the spine of your horse perfectly, padding their back in comfort and support.

Because this saddle requires less cinching, riders find the pad does not slip around as much as some other brands of saddle pads. This pad offers three times the compression protection of synthetic material saddle pads, which means it will hold up for many more years.

This 5 Star contoured saddle pad is made from 100% wool. Wool keeps your horse warm in the winter and will help keep sweat wicked away in the summer. Wool is a natural and gentle material, so it is less likely to irritate your horse’s skin.

5 Star has included a natural sponge, making the cleanup of this horse saddle much easier and more effective. This saddle pad offers the ultimate level of padding, so no further padding or a saddle blanket will be necessary.

With 5 Star saddles like this one, you can rest assured your horse will experience the highest level of comfort, even on long trail rides that can lead to pressure points. This saddle pad will work with any saddle but is especially beneficial for western saddles.


  • This saddle is made from 100% virgin wool, so it will provide the highest level of comfort.
  • With the curvature of this saddle, it conforms perfectly to the spine of your horse, offering protection.
  • Using this saddle pad helps to stabilize the saddle for a greater level of comfort and stability.
  • This saddle pad helps to reduce pressure points and discomfort during long trail rides.


  • This saddle is only available in one color.

#2.) 5 Star Thick ¾-Inch Western Contoured All-Around Saddle Pad

5 Star is an equine company that loves horses and it shows in every product they produce, including their horse saddle pads. Some companies fill their saddle pads with hard padding that ends up shifting around and causing pain.

This saddle pad is only slightly thinner than the first review. It features a square skirt that is 30-inches long and 30-inches wide. This is a perfect all-around saddle pad that will perfectly conform to the backs of most horses and offer extensive comfort and protection against saddle sores.

5 Star has made this saddle pad just like their other models, made to last! If you talk to any owners of this pad, you will often hear it amazes them at the level of comfort offered to their horses, and they will never go back to other brands.

This saddle pad is one of 5 Star’s best-selling pads, and for good reason. No matter what type of riding you do, you will find this pad to be made of superior materials that keep the saddle from causing discomfort after a long ride.


  • 5 Star manufactures this saddle from 100% wool, making it perfect for the highest level of comfort for any horse.
  • This saddle is thirty inches long and wide, making it the perfect fit for almost all saddle sizes.
  • The wool materials help to ensure a better level of compression, with no need for additional pads or blankets.
  • This saddle offers superior moisture-wicking ability, keeping your horses dry and cool, even on the longest of rides.


  • This saddle is only available in one color because they make it from natural materials.

#3) 5 Star Equine Products Barrel Racer Saddle Pad

If you love your horse, you are going to work to protect it from pain and discomfort. The right saddle pad helps to shield the spine of your horse and offer compression therapy. This 5 Star Equine Products Barrel Racer Saddle Pad is one of the best you will find on the market.

It is a flex fit saddle pad that measures 30-inches by 28-inches. The pad is 7/8-inches thick. If your horse has very high withers, you will find this flex fit saddle pad to provide the perfect fit, with a much higher level of comfort.

Like the other saddle pads in this review, they make this 5 Star Barrel Racer Pad of 100% natural wool, lending itself beautifully to the comfort of all horses. Wool is one of the best materials for horses and has been used for hundreds of years.

As with any saddle pad, you need to make sure to measure your saddle and horse’s back to get the best fit. With a proper fit, you can rest assured your horse will remain comfortable, even on long trail rides or during an intense barrel race. This saddle is included in this 5 star barrel saddle pads reviews because it is of the highest quality.


  • This saddle pad offers a flex fit system that fits horses with high withers perfectly.
  • Made from 100% natural wool, this saddle pad will not cause skin irritation in your horse.
  • The extreme level of padding and compression means you will not have to add another pad or blanket.
  • This saddle pad stays in place and requires less cinching than some other inferior brands.


  • This saddle pad may not fit all horses. Please measure carefully.

#4) 5 Star Equine Products Full Skirt Saddle Pad

Some saddle pads are ineffective because they are too small and do not offer enough coverage. A good saddle pad, like this one, should cover the full skirts of the saddle, protecting your horse in every area that comes in contact with the leather or synthetic materials.

This black saddle pad is attractive and will blend well with many types of saddles. Like the others in this review, 5 Star Equine Products has manufactured this saddle from 100% pure wool, making it one of the most comfortable pads you can purchase for your horse.

One of the best things about 5 Star’s saddle pads is they have really gone above and beyond to manufacture them with the highest level of quality craftsmanship. While some saddles do not require a pad, the vast majority do. Without a pad in place, the tree from the saddle can cause great discomfort on the spine of a horse, especially if you take them on long trail rides frequently.

If you look at the contours of this saddle pad, it is easy to see why it has become a favorite in 5 Star’s lineups. This saddle pad gently cradles the curves of your horse’s spine, giving a level of comfort other inferior pads simply cannot offer.


  • They make this saddle from 100% virgin wool, so it will not cause any irritation to your horse’s skin.
  • The pad is durable and will stand up to years of abuse while remaining easy to clean.
  • You will find this saddle pad contours beautifully with the curvature of your horse’s spine, offering the perfect level of compression.
  • You do not need another pad or blanket when using this amazing saddle pad.


  • May be too long for smaller horses. Make sure to measure carefully.

#5) 5 Star Equine Supplies Natural Flex-Fit Saddle Pad

This is a roper saddle pad that will grip your saddle perfectly. It requires much less cinching because of its ample padding and construction, so it is less likely to slip around on your horse and cause discomfort for you both.

This is another one of those saddle pads that are ideal for horses with high withers. It helps to cradle your horse’s back, offering them the highest level of comfort always.

As with all the saddle pads in this review list, they make this one from pure wool, which is the best material to use with horses. Most horses do not have any trouble with wool because it does not irritate their skin.

If you are searching for a horse saddle pad that will protect your horse from saddle sores and help equalize the pressure spread across the spine, this pad is a perfect choice.


  • Made from pure virgin wool, this 5 Star saddle pad is durable and comfortable.
  • The extra-thick padding means you will not have to purchase an additional pad or use a blanket.
  • This is the perfect size for many horses but always measure carefully.
  • Fits a high withered horse perfectly with flex fit technology.


  • Does not come in multiple colors or designs.
5 Star Saddle Pad

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Anything you purchase for your horse requires careful research. Rushing the buying process is only going to make you end up purchasing the wrong equine products. Before you purchase, make sure you consider the following.

  • Proper Fit

Getting the proper fit is essential for the comfort and safety of your horse. If a horse saddle pad is too small, there will not be enough coverage area, and some parts of the saddle may begin to rub against the horse’s skin, causing discomfort. Make sure to measure across the spine and down its length to get a good measurement.

  • Materials

The materials your horse saddle pad is made from are critical. While some pads are made from synthetic materials, they are not always the best choice. Synthetics can sometimes irritate some horses. When in doubt, always choose a saddle that is made from natural materials, such as wool.

  • Contours

The contours of the saddle pad should match the contours of your horse’s spine. If you have a horse with high withers, you are going to need to purchase a more flexible saddle pad that offers better contouring. Never purchase a saddle pad that does not offer the proper contouring.

  • Style

You will find most saddle pads come in three styles: square, shaped, and half-pad. Although some riders prefer other shapes, choosing a square-shaped saddle pad is going to offer the best all-around use and protection. You will find all the saddle pads in this review are square-shaped.

  • Saddle

Most of the time, riders purchase saddle pads to help with ill-fitting saddles. Before purchasing a pad, you need to consider the saddle. Make sure the lines and shapes match well with your existing saddle. Purchase the two as if they are one, and you will make the right purchase.

If you consider the above, you are more likely to be able to purchase a saddle pad that will help your saddle to fit more intuitively and bring a higher level of comfort and protection to your horse.


It would not be forthright to close this review without answering some of the frequently asked questions from readers like you. As always, if you have any questions about equine products, please feel free to reach out to us and we may just feature your question in our next review.

  • How do you clean a wool saddle pad?

You will clean your wool saddle pad in much the same way as your horse. Use a rubber curry pad and work in circular motions to remove embedded dirt. Wash with a spray hose to remove embedded dirt and hair. Allow to air dry. Never hang or clip the saddle pad while drying or it could cause shape distortion.

  • How long will a wool saddle pad last?

The duration of life will depend on how often you ride. You can expect the average saddle pad to stay strong and in sound shape for at least 2,000 hours of riding time.

  • Why should I choose a wool saddle pad?

Wool is a natural choice that offers better comfort for horses. It also outperforms synthetics because of its moisture-wicking ability.

Final Thoughts

With these 5 star saddle pads reviews, you should now be fully prepared to make an informed purchase. Please make sure to click through each of the links to view the saddle pads and learn more about each one. With the right saddle pad, your horse will be much more comfortable on long trail rides.

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